Toyota Supra's Instrument Cluster Partially Revealed In Spy Shots

Toyota Supra's instrument cluster partially revealed in spy shots

Although we've seen most of the production Toyota Supra, albeit in race car form, we still haven't seen the final interior. And most of the time, the prototype test drivers keep the interior well-covered. These new spy shots help give us a more complete picture of the interior, providing us a look at the instrument panel.

Unsurprisingly, the gauge cluster features big screens for vehicle information and for speed. It does appear to have a nice big analog tachometer square in the middle, though. That tachometer is also augmented by a digital readout of the rpm at the base of the cluster. To the right and left are more conventional illuminated gauges for fuel and temperature.

Toyota Supra's Production Taillights Illuminate For The Camera

Toyota Supra's production taillights illuminate for the camera

The steady trickle of updated Toyota Supra prototypes continues with this model spotted in Europe. At a glance, this looks just like any other Supra prototype seen in the past few months, but the back end has a new detail. The generic circular LED taillights have been replaced with production units that fit the shape we've been seeing through the camouflage.

As such, the taillights are very slim. They also have no retro cues from the previous-generation Supra such as the individual circular light elements in the housing. Instead, the edges of the housings are lit up with what seem to be LEDs, and the light is diffused through an interesting textured red lens. With the lights off, there don't appear to be any distinct lighting elements. Also interesting to note is the apparent absence of any clear or amber sections of the taillights. It could be that the reverse lights will be mounted somewhere lower in the bumper. The turn signals could be incorporated into the reverse lights if needed, or blink red in the taillight housing.