Boiled Kidney With Flavors Of Sichuan Sure To Tempt Taste Buds

Boiled kidney with flavors of Sichuan sure to tempt taste buds

Chinese restaurant Kogetsu, run by Kazuo Yamanaka, stands quietly at Ikenohata near Ueno Park, its structure witness to the transformation of the capital from Edo to Tokyo.

The wooden building, dating to the early Showa Era (1926-1989), used to be an inn opened by Yamanaka's grandfather late in his life. The combination of a vintage building in the old district and authentic Chinese cuisine may give people pause for thought, but it was born out of the chef's strong wish to turn what he loved into a vocation.

Mazda Is Very Sure It Can Overtake Holden In 2015 In Australia

Mazda is very sure it can overtake Holden in 2015 in AustraliaMazda is confident of overtaking Holden this year to become the second highest selling vehicle manufacturer in Australia – and it has no intentions of slowing down in the future.
Mazda Australia sold a record number of vehicles in the first seven months of this year (65,947 sales), and while Toyota remains dominant (118,554), Mazda’s strong performance puts it more than 6000 sales clear of Holden (59,632) and more than 7000 ahead of next-best Hyundai (58,610) with just five months to go.

Toyota Is Making Sure Hydrogen Will Be Ready For Mirai

2014 LA Auto Show : Toyota MiraiToyota admits that the hydrogen refueling infrastructure in the US pales in comparison to that of Japan. But the Japanese automaker says the US, and specifically California, will make big strides this year and next. This is important because Toyota is about to start selling the Mirai, its first production hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, in California in October.

A Sure Sign Of The Outlander Phev's Success

A Sure Sign Of The Outlander PHEV's SuccessA Mitsubishi dealership in Worcestershire has helped a major signs and graphics specialist deliver on its commitment to lower its carbon footprint.
Fields of Bromsgrove sold two Outlander PHEVs to Birmingham–based Hollywood Monster, which is now also looking forward to making significant cash savings, courtesy of the world’s first and award-winning plug-in hybrid SUV.

Thanko, The Usb Powered Air-purifier That Makes Sure You Breathe Easy

Thanko, the USB powered air-purifier that makes sure you breathe easyThis simple air-purifier from Thanko is powered by connecting to your computer. Using a USB jack, this little air purifier basically sucks in smelly air, purifies it all and blows it back out. The device comes with a six-layer filter element that traps particles in the air as small as 0.3 micrometers!

Thanko USB powered air-purifier is available for purcahse in Japan for about $64 .