Tokaido Shinkansen Bullet Train Suspension

Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train suspension

The Central Japan Railway Company is cancelling its Shinkansen bullet train services between Tokyo and Nagoya beginning Saturday morning due to Typhoon Hagibis.

The company also said that most operations between Nagoya and Shino-Osaka stations will be suspended.

Typhoon May Force Suspension Of Tokyo Trains

Typhoon may force suspension of Tokyo trains

East Japan Railway Company says it may suspend some train services this weekend as Typhoon Hagibis is forecast to hit the Tokyo area on Saturday and Sunday.

The railway operator says it will announce its decision on its website on Friday.

Okinawa Calls For Suspension Of Landfill Work

Okinawa calls for suspension of landfill work

The governor of Okinawa Prefecture in southern Japan has demanded an immediate suspension of land reclamation work needed to build a replacement for a US Marine airfield there.

Denny Tamaki was speaking to reporters on Thursday, one day after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe indicated the need to solidify ground off the coastal district of Henoko in Nago City. The US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station is to be relocated there from Ginowan City, also in Okinawa.

Toyota Tundra Spy Shots Indicate Rear Suspension Upgrades

Toyota Tundra spy shots indicate rear suspension upgrades

One of our spy photographers caught a Toyota Tundra prototype truck out testing, and we were tempted to write it off as another light refresh of a truck with roots in 2007, especially since the cab is unchanged. But then we noticed that Toyota went to great pains to make sure no one could see the rear axle and suspension. Vinyl coverings lurk in the wheel wells, and bristles line the edges of the bed. So we suspect Toyota has done something interesting with the rear end.

What could it be? Well, based on the shock mounts, it looks like it will retain a solid rear axle, which makes sense considering full-size truck buyers might frown on independent rear suspension. We think Toyota may be working on a coil-sprung rear suspension similar to what the Ram 1500 uses. Air springs could be another possibility. This is speculation, but our theory is supported by what looks like a locating link in one of the images, which would be necessary with coil springs or air springs as neither provide natural fore and aft positioning the way leaf packs do.

Transport Ministry To Review Train Suspension

Transport ministry to review train suspension

Japan's transport ministry says it will review whether a major train operator in metropolitan Tokyo appropriately provided information on suspending its services ahead of a recent typhoon.

On Sunday, East Japan Railway Company for the first time gave prior notice about stopping train service. It announced shortly past noon that all service would be suspended at 8 PM that day as Typhoon Trami was expected to hit Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Lexus Lc Suspension Inspired By Chopsticks

Lexus LC Suspension Inspired by Chopsticks

Car Magazine has an interview with Lexus LC Chief Engineer Koji Sato, which includes the following passage:

So far, with previous technology, if you want lighter steering you lose the torque feedback. If you have more torque feedback then you lose the sharpness, the clarity. They couldn't be realised at the same time.

Leaked 2018 Honda Gold Wing Shows Off New Suspension, Hints At Dct

Leaked 2018 Honda Gold Wing shows off new suspension, hints at DCT

It's been six years since we ran good news involving the Honda Gold Wing, and that news was merely supposition: a Honda patent suggested company engineers toying with a four-cylinder hybrid motor wedged in a Gold Wing frame. It appears Honda will justify the intermission next month by introducing a brand-new Gold Wing at a media event in October, followed by a worldwide reveal for the legendary cruiser at the EICMA show in Milan in November. Leaked images appearing on European sites MaxxMoto and Oliepeil reveal major changes for the current model, now on sale for 16 years. What's more, those four-cylinder hybrid rumors might come true.

A sharper, more contoured front end hides one of three major changes: the switch to hub-center steering via a Hossack-like front fork, akin to BMW's Duolever setup. Instead of the present cartridge fork, the handlebars connect to a semi-active suspension unit featuring a single spring-shock unit behind the front fairing. The suspension sits atop a cast aluminum tube running down to a simple aluminum wishbone that straddles the front wheel. The design benefits include a lighter front end, greater steering precision and lean angles, while eliminating fork dive and flex.