Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Svp Concept Is The Offroad Mitsu We Want

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport SVP Concept is the offroad Mitsu we want

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport SVP Concept just debuted at the Commercial Vehicle Show in the U.K. For those unaware of the Shogun Sport's origins, it's a Mitsubishi Triton-based SUV with truck-like off-road capability. This concept raises the bar for what's possible with this big SUV when the terrain gets rough.

Mitsubishi and some aftermarket suppliers have given the truck some impressive modifications. For one, it has a 40 mm wider track and new offroad suspension. Walkinshaw Performance Limited and Koni both helped with new components and the suspension tuning. BF Goodrich all-terrain tires wrap new Predator 18-inch off-road wheels with a red outer rim design. Then to give the sides of the Shogun Sport more clearance while rock crawling, Mitsubishi fitted raised side steps finished in black.

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