Facial Recognition System For Tokyo 2020 Unveiled

Facial recognition system for Tokyo 2020 unveiled

US and Japanese technology companies have jointly unveiled a facial recognition system that will be used for security checks at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year.

US chip-making giant Intel and Japanese electronics maker NEC on Wednesday presented the Neo Face recognition equipment, which is about 1.5 meters high and 30 centimeters wide.

Foreigners Underuse Highly-skilled Visa System

Foreigners underuse highly-skilled visa system

Japanese officials say a survey shows that a visa system the country uses to benefit highly-skilled foreign workers is not being widely used. They say many of those eligible don't take advantage of it.

The government introduced the system seven years ago to attract skilled workers from abroad. Since then, more than 15,000 professionals have been certified for the preferential visa treatment.

Abe Defends Japan's Pension System

Abe defends Japan's pension system

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has defended the credibility of Japan's public pension system, after a government panel report said about 20 million yen, or nearly 190,000 dollars, would be needed for post-retirement life. He says the wording in the report is imprecise and has caused misunderstandings.

Abe was speaking at a Diet committee meeting on Monday about the report compiled by a panel for the Financial Services Agency.

Japan Asks Wto To Reform Dispute Settlement System

Japan asks WTO to reform dispute settlement system

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has asked the World Trade Organization to improve its dispute settlement system. This comes in the wake of a WTO ruling against Japan's claim opposing South Korea's import restrictions on Japanese fishery products.

In February last year, a WTO panel judged that South Korea's import ban on fishery products from several prefectures, including Fukushima, violated WTO agreements. The ban was introduced after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in 2011. But in April of this year, the WTO appellate body dismissed Japan's argument, saying deliberations by the panel were insufficient.

Japan's 10-year-old Lay Judge System Discussed

Japan's 10-year-old lay judge system discussed

The Supreme Court and other legal professionals in Japan have hosted a symposium to mark the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the country's lay judge system.

About 90,000 citizens have taken part in the system so far, and handed down sentences to about 12,000 defendants.

Supreme Court Says Lay Judge System Working Well

Supreme Court says lay judge system working well

Japan's Supreme Court has released a report saying that the lay judge system has largely worked well since it was launched a decade ago.

The system, which will mark its 10th anniversary next Tuesday, has so far handled 12,000 cases, with about 90,000 citizens taking part as lay judges.

Jal System Malfunction Mostly Fixed

JAL system malfunction mostly fixed

Japan Airlines officials say the system malfunction that has delayed domestic flights in Japan has largely been resolved, hours after the issue began.

The company's passenger check-in system began malfunctioning at airports across the country at 6:50 a.m. on Wednesday.

Jal System Trouble Causing Domestic Flight Delays

JAL system trouble causing domestic flight delays

Japan Airlines officials are warning of delays as they say their passenger check-in system for domestic flights is malfunctioning at airports across the country.

JAL says it has been having the trouble since 6:50 a.m. on Wednesday in Japan.

Hands On With Polestar's Android Automotive Os Infotainment System

Hands on with Polestar's Android Automotive OS infotainment system

Walking into Dogpatch Studios on San Francisco's east side, the Polestar 2 sits in the center of the stark industrial space, its 20-inch Continentals resting on the bare concrete floor. The all-electric hatchback sedan, which Polestar says will offer 275 miles of range, is dressed like a Stormtropper; Snow White paint, matte black grille, dark wheels and trim.

A spinoff of Volvo, Polestar calls itself an "electric performance brand", and the Polestar 2 will rival the Tesla Model 3. It was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and this the first time it's being shown in the United States. It's striking in the flesh with tight proportions and a powerful, purposeful stance.

Google Opens Android Infotainment System To Third-party Media Apps

Google opens Android infotainment system to third-party media apps

Now that Google has a full-fledged car infotainment platform in Android Automotive, it's opening the door to apps built for that platform. As of Google I/O, developers will have the power to create media apps for Android Automotive-equipped cars like the upcoming Polestar 2. It's using the same underlying framework as Android Auto, which should ensure that a favorite music or audiobook app will work properly across different touchscreen sizes and car customizations. You'll have to wait awhile for the first apps since the Polestar 2 doesn't arrive until 2020, and there aren't any publicly announced partners (although a preview graphic does show NPR One). Don't be surprised if the app ecosystem expands over the months ahead, though. And yes, Google intends to open Android Automotive to more than just media apps. The company has "plans" to enable apps for navigation, communication "and beyond," so you might have alternatives if you don't care for Google Maps or need a third-party internet calling service. The aim is ultimately to create an app ecosystem for cars that more closely resembles what you see on phones, rather than another take on the walled-off environments you see today. Android Developers

Reported by Jon Fingas for Engadget