2021 Honda Insight Gets New Paint Color And Blind-spot Warning System

2021 Honda Insight gets new paint color and blind-spot warning system

Pricing for the 2021 Honda Insight has been announced, with the base LX holding firm at $23,885, including the $955 destination charge.

Base feature content remains the same, but the EX and Touring see a switch in blind-spot monitoring technology. Now standard is a traditional blind-spot and rear cross-traffic warning system that illuminates lights in each mirror when a car is detected in the blind-spot and, if so, makes an alert noise if the driver activates the turn signal. This replaces the LaneWatch camera-based system that would show you an image of the passenger-side blind spot in the center touchscreen when the driver activated the turn signal. While this may seem like the more advanced technology, it didn't cover the driver side and would hijack the center touchscreen whenever the right turn signal was activated. This becomes annoying, for instance, when waiting to turn right at an intersection.  

Japan Plans To Introduce Drone Registry System

Japan plans to introduce drone registry system

The Japanese government plans to introduce a drone registry system amid a rise in drone-related incidents.

A decision on the plan was made at a meeting of senior officials from the transport ministry, the police and other government agencies on Wednesday.

Fujitsu Develops Ai System That Can Help Judges Score Gymnastic Events

Fujitsu Develops AI System That Can Help Judges Score Gymnastic Events

When it comes to judging sports, there have been numerous systems developed over the years to help humans come to certain decisions. For example, slow-motion/instant replay camera systems have been created so that certain moments can be viewed again to determine if a play was a foul or if it was legit, and so on.

However, Fujitsu wants to take things to the next level by developing an AI and 3D sensing system that could help judges to score the difficulty in gymnastics routines. This system was jointly developed with the International Gymnastics Federation and will be used alongside the Instant Replay and Control System.

Public Transport System Still Disrupted

Public transport system still disrupted

Some train and airplane passengers were forced to adjust their plans on Sunday because of Typhoon Hagibis.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen has resumed service between Tokyo and Nagano, but with fewer trains for the time being.

Mitag Becomes Low Pressure System, Brings Rain

Mitag becomes low pressure system, brings rain

Tropical Storm Mitag turned into a low pressure system over the Sea of Japan Thursday afternoon. But Japan's Meteorological Agency is still warning of localized heavy rains across parts of western Japan as well as the eastern and northern part of the country, where the system is headed.

The low pressure system is moving east over the sea, accompanied by a front. It is making the atmosphere in wide areas from western to northern Japan unstable and generating rainclouds in some areas.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Resumed

JR online ticket-reservation system resumed

Japan's largest rail operator says problems with its online reservation system have resumed seven hours after the trouble was first reported on Tuesday morning.

Officials at East Japan Railway Company say it could not have something to do with the new rate.