Public Transport System Still Disrupted

Public transport system still disrupted

Some train and airplane passengers were forced to adjust their plans on Sunday because of Typhoon Hagibis.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen has resumed service between Tokyo and Nagano, but with fewer trains for the time being.

Electric Volvo Xc40 Getting Android-powered Infotainment System

Electric Volvo XC40 Getting Android-Powered Infotainment System

Android-powered infotainment systems have been around for a few years now, although made by third-party companies. That's about to change starting next week, as the electric Volvo XC40 will become the first vehicle to get such a feature, straight from the factory.

Mitag Becomes Low Pressure System, Brings Rain

Mitag becomes low pressure system, brings rain

Tropical Storm Mitag turned into a low pressure system over the Sea of Japan Thursday afternoon. But Japan's Meteorological Agency is still warning of localized heavy rains across parts of western Japan as well as the eastern and northern part of the country, where the system is headed.

The low pressure system is moving east over the sea, accompanied by a front. It is making the atmosphere in wide areas from western to northern Japan unstable and generating rainclouds in some areas.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Resumed

JR online ticket-reservation system resumed

Japan's largest rail operator says problems with its online reservation system have resumed seven hours after the trouble was first reported on Tuesday morning.

Officials at East Japan Railway Company say it could not have something to do with the new rate.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Down

JR online ticket-reservation system down

Japan's largest rail operator is reporting problems with its online reservation system that may be related to the tax hike. Officials at East Japan Railway Company haven't pinpointed the cause. But they say it could have something to do with the new rate or an ongoing system upgrade.

The officials say customers are unable to receive tickets ...reserved on the "Eki Net" website ... from machines at train stations.

Facial Recognition System For Tokyo 2020 Unveiled

Facial recognition system for Tokyo 2020 unveiled

US and Japanese technology companies have jointly unveiled a facial recognition system that will be used for security checks at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year.

US chip-making giant Intel and Japanese electronics maker NEC on Wednesday presented the Neo Face recognition equipment, which is about 1.5 meters high and 30 centimeters wide.

Foreigners Underuse Highly-skilled Visa System

Foreigners underuse highly-skilled visa system

Japanese officials say a survey shows that a visa system the country uses to benefit highly-skilled foreign workers is not being widely used. They say many of those eligible don't take advantage of it.

The government introduced the system seven years ago to attract skilled workers from abroad. Since then, more than 15,000 professionals have been certified for the preferential visa treatment.

Abe Defends Japan's Pension System

Abe defends Japan's pension system

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has defended the credibility of Japan's public pension system, after a government panel report said about 20 million yen, or nearly 190,000 dollars, would be needed for post-retirement life. He says the wording in the report is imprecise and has caused misunderstandings.

Abe was speaking at a Diet committee meeting on Monday about the report compiled by a panel for the Financial Services Agency.

Japan Asks Wto To Reform Dispute Settlement System

Japan asks WTO to reform dispute settlement system

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has asked the World Trade Organization to improve its dispute settlement system. This comes in the wake of a WTO ruling against Japan's claim opposing South Korea's import restrictions on Japanese fishery products.

In February last year, a WTO panel judged that South Korea's import ban on fishery products from several prefectures, including Fukushima, violated WTO agreements. The ban was introduced after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in 2011. But in April of this year, the WTO appellate body dismissed Japan's argument, saying deliberations by the panel were insufficient.

Japan's 10-year-old Lay Judge System Discussed

Japan's 10-year-old lay judge system discussed

The Supreme Court and other legal professionals in Japan have hosted a symposium to mark the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the country's lay judge system.

About 90,000 citizens have taken part in the system so far, and handed down sentences to about 12,000 defendants.