Infiniti Plans Overhaul Of Infotainment System By 2021

Infiniti plans overhaul of infotainment system by 2021

Infiniti is working on a fully overhauled infotainment system starting in 2021 that will feature bigger displays but retain the current dual-touchscreen setup. In the meantime, upgrades including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity will be added to existing systems starting next year, depending on the market.

"Next year is going to be the first step of improvement," Infiniti's vice president of product strategy, Francois Bancon, told Australian outlet GoAuto. "And as we move forward with a bigger display, 12.0-inch, 15.0-inch, whatever, of course we are going to improve the accuracy."

Sony Could Be Looking To Launch Ai Taxi Hailing System

Sony Could Be Looking To Launch AI Taxi Hailing System

When you think of ride-hailing systems, we're pretty sure that Sony doesn't come to mind, but apparently that's a perception the company wants to change. In a report from Nikkei (paywall; via Engadget), it seems that Sony could be looking to launch an AI taxi hailing system in Japan while teaming up with a bunch of different taxi companies.

So what is an AI taxi hailing system? Basically instead of taxis being dispatched manually via a main center, this AI hailing system will use algorithms to determine where to send taxis most efficiently. This will take into consideration factors like the traffic, the weather, events, and so on. For example towards the end of a particular event, the system could dispatch taxis to the venue so that there will enough taxis for those who are looking to go home.

Sign Up For The Next Ps4 System Software Update Beta

Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

We're getting ready for the next major system update for PS4, and can use some help from PS4 owners to test it out ahead of launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4. And good news for Canadian folks – beginning this beta, PS4 owners in Canada are also able to register for the beta testing.

You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta expected in February. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we'll close registration.

Lexus Tech: Inside The Multi-stage Hybrid System

Lexus Tech: Inside the Multi-Stage Hybrid System

Welcome to the start of a new series diving into the technical side of Lexus vehicles, presented in collaboration with Lexus International.

All-new for the flagship LC 500h coupe and LS 500h sedan, the Multi-stage Hybrid system is the sixth generation of hybrid vehicle (HV) technology from Lexus. The entire system is all-new, from the front of the engine through the gearbox, and all the way back to the rear drive axle.

Tokyo Startup Could Soon Show You Just How Much A Person's Gray Matter Is Being Engaged

A system being developed by a Tokyo startup could soon show you just how much a person's gray matter is being engaged - FareastgizmosA prototype system being developed by a Tokyo startup NeU, could soon show you just how much a person’s gray matter is being engaged. The information technology venture NeU is a company set up through investment from Hitachi High-Technologies and Tohoku University in northeast Japan. The prototype product, visualizes” levels of brain activity with a system of differing colored lights, helping people find out how and when they are most productive. The prototype system comprises an oval-shaped headset that gauges activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that controls memory and learning.

Lexus Safety System + Gets Upgrade For 2018

Lexus Safety System + Gets Upgrade for 2018

Some of the advanced safety features set to debut with the new Lexus LS will soon be added to the rest of the lineup — Lexus has announced its Safety System + will be getting an upgrade for 2018.

As before, Lexus Safety System + is built around these features:

Sony Enables 24x36mm Full-frame Image Capture Upon Launch Of Venice Digital Motion Picture Camera System

Sony enables 24x36mm Full-Frame Image Capture upon Launch of VENICE Digital Motion Picture Camera SystemConversations with and feedback from production professionals played an essential part in the development of Sony’s next generation CineAlta motion picture camera, VENICE. In the months after the camera’s September announcement, the immediate demand for Full-Frame capture was clear. Sony has answered the industry’s requests for Full-Frame image capture and, with an optional license, VENICE can support Full-Frame 24x36mm shooting from day one, at the camera’s expected ship date of February 2018.

Olympus Announces Spinsr10 Super-resolution Imaging System

Olympus announces SpinSR10 Super-Resolution Imaging System - FareastgizmosOlympus today announced a new product in its scientific business -SpinSR10, the super-resolution imaging system. A super-resolution microscope is a microscope with resolving power that surpasses the limits of conventional optical microscopes. The minimum resolving power of general optical microscopes is around 200nm, but a super-resolution microscope has high enough resolving power to observe internal cell structures, which used to be difficult to observe, in fine detail.

Mitsubishi Electric Begins Mass-producing Auto Industry's First Crankshaft Isg System

Mitsubishi Electric Begins Mass-producing Auto Industry's First Crankshaft ISG System for 48V Hybrid Vehicles - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric announced today that it has begun mass-producing the auto industry’s first crankshaft-mounted integrated starter-generator (ISG) system for 48V hybrid vehicles, which will be mounted in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Compared to belt-driven starter-generators, the crankshaft-mounted motor produces higher output power and generates more power, which contributes to better fuel efficiency. The Newly developed transfer-molded power module for 48V systems reduces heat resistance and enhances durability.

The demand for 48V hybrid vehicles, which offer excellent fuel efficiency at relatively affordable costs, is expected to increase, especially in Europe. Mitsubishi Electric developed its ISG system-a crankshaft direct-driven system for idling-stop-start, energy recovery and torque assist-to achieve higher output power and better fuel efficiency in 48V hybrid vehicles.

Sony Expands Hxc Series With New Entry-level Full Hd Camera System

Sony Expands HXC Series with New Entry-level Full HD camera systemSony is offering an accessible entry into 4K- and HDR-ready studio and live production with the combination of the new HXC-FB80 portable camera and HXCU-FB80 camera control unit (CCU). Based on a 3G-SDI platform with 1080/59.94p capabilities, the new system fits a range of commercial applications where professionals need high-quality HD with a “future-proof” path to 4K and HDR production.

Mitsubishi Electric's In-vehicle Driver Monitoring System Simultaneously Monitor Driver And Front Passenger

Mitsubishi Electric's in-vehicle Driver Monitoring System Simultaneously Monitor Driver and Front Passenger with one wide-angle camera - Fareastgizmos
Mitsubishi Electric today announced the development of the first in-vehicle driver monitoring system using one wide-angle camera to detect the driver and front passenger simultaneously. Conventional driver-monitoring systems generally use a camera to analyze the driver’s face for inattentiveness or drowsiness. Recent imaging systems monitor not only the driver but also the front passenger for added safety and convenience.Mitsubishi Electric has now developed a technology that uses just one wide-angle camera to monitor both the driver and the front passenger and warn them about potentially dangerous driving behavior, such as looking off to the side or sleepiness, and to identify face and hand gestures for enhanced assistance, such as changing air conditioning settings.

The wide-angle camera can be installed flexibly within the vehicle and eliminates the need to install a second camera for the front passenger. Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit its driver monitoring system during the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex in Tokyo from October 27 to November 5.

Ps4 System Software Update 5.00 Out Now

PS4 System Software Update 5.00 Out Now

Our next system software update for PlayStation 4, version 5.00 (codenamed NOBUNAGA), is available now! This update introduces features like the new "Family on PlayStation Network" system, an enhanced Twitch broadcast option on PlayStation 4 Pro, and a variety of new features for Notifications, Messages, and much more.

We've already outlined a number of key features before our beta program started, but we wanted to share some additional features that are coming to PS4 with this update.