Fujifilm Announces Image Processing System Is-100 For Digital Motion Pictures

Fujifilm announces Image Processing System IS-100 for digital motion picturesFujifilm is to launch the on-set color management system "Image Processing System IS-100" (To be marketed under the name "CCBOXX" in North America; hereinafter "IS-100") in late April 2012 in North America and after July in Japan. The system enables high-precision color management in digital motion picture shooting of feature films, TV shows and commercials.

Fujitsu Develops New Air Conditioning System To Cool Data Center

Fujitsu Develops New Air Conditioning System to Cool Data CenterFujitsu Laboratories Ltd developed a new air conditioning system technology in the aim of reducing total power consumption of container-type data centers.

The company prototyped a container-type data center equipped with an air conditioning system developed based on the new technology and confirmed that the system can save energy especially in summer, when the outdoor air temperature is high.

Canon Lithography System Using Krf Excimer Laser

Canon Lithography System using KrF ExcimerCanon has announced the launch of a new FPA-6300ES6a KrF scanner for high volume production of memory, logic as well as image processing devices. The new FPA-6300ES6a KrF scanner has a high throughput along with industry's highest level of overlay accuracy for effectively responding to manufacturers of chip seeking reduced cost of ownership.

Olympus Medical System Next-generation Video Endoscopy

Olympus Medical System Next-Generation video EndoscopyOlympus Medical Systems released the EVIS EXERA III platform, a next-generation video endoscopy system. The product was launched on April 1, 2012, in Europe, the United States and Oceania. Future releases are planned for Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, excluding Japan and the UK, as legal compliance requirements are satisfied in each country. The EVIS EXERA III platform will be available internationally for use in endoscopic surgery and bronchoscopy, etc as well.

Videoconferencing System That Shows Who's Talking To Whom, Being Developed By Ntt

Videoconferencing system that shows who's talking to whom, being developed by NTT MM-Space, being developed by a lab at NTT, is a system designed to make users of video conferencing systems involving several people feel as if they are talking to each other in the same room.

This system records the faces and voices of users from the spaces where they're talking, and transmits them to spaces where the conversation is recreated. A recreation space has several projectors, see-through screens, actuators, and speakers, positioned in accordance with the users.

Micro-surgery Support System For Neurosurgery

Micro-surgery support system for neurosurgeryAt Techno Frontier 2010, The University of Tokyo's Mitsuishi-Sugita Laboratory exhibited a "micro-surgery support system for neurosurgery."

"Today, we're doing a demo that simulates bypass surgery on a blood vessel in the brain. This operation is to reconnect a blocked blood vessel near the brain's surface. We've installed an artificial blood vessel, 1mm wide, and in this demo, we're suturing it."

Kyocera To Launch System For Pv Power Generation, Storage

Kyocera to Launch System for PV Power Generation, StorageKyocera Corp will begin to accept orders for a system that consists of a photovoltaic (PV) power generation system, stationary power storage system and "home energy management system (HEMS)" April 1, 2012.

When the capacity of the PV power generation system is 4.03kW, the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the new system is ¥4,926,000 (approx US$59,854). The shipment of the system is scheduled to begin in mid-July 2012. Kyocera aims to sell 10,000 sets in the first year.

Trampoline Game Interface As An Exercise Support System

Trampoline Game Interface As An Exercise Support SystemThis exercise support system uses movement on the trampoline as input in a virtual space. Under development by a research group at Tsukuba University, the latest version allows for a wider range of movements in the game world. In addition to the forward, balancing, and jumping motions which were available in the previous version, the user can now input sideways and backward motions.

Jvc Kenwood Touch-based 3d Surveillance Camera System Interface

JVC Kenwood Touch-Based 3D Surveillance Camera System InterfaceJVC Kenwood is developing an integrated surveillance camera system, which maps the locations of surveillance cameras in a 3D render of the building, so the user can intuitively overlook the entire area under surveillance.

"Until now, I think users had to have an image in their head of which part of the building was being monitored, based on footage from the cameras combined with written information. But this system makes it very easy to understand which part is being monitored, by putting it in a 3D context. So the user can select a camera, and manage alarm information."

Sony To Launch New Home Theater System Ht-fs30

Sony to launch new home theater system HT-FS30Sony announced that it will launch in Japan a new home theater system with the HT-FS30 model .

This will be the latest portable system .  It can be hung on the wall or connected to a PC, TV and smartphone.

Sony home theater system HT-FS30 will go on sale in Japan on 28th April 2012 .

Fujifilm To Debut 3d Mammography System

Fujifilm to Debut 3D Mammography SystemFujifilm Corp will release the "Real 3D Mammography," a medical imaging system that enables to see a mammographic image in 3D, March 26, 2012.

It will be sold by Fujifilm Medical Co Ltd. When combined with the "Amulet f," Fujifilm's digital X-ray equipment for breast cancer screening, the system enables to check a mammographic image in 3D.

Because the three-dimensional structures of breast tissues can be checked all at the same time, it is possible to determine if a tumor mass is in contact with a mammary gland as well as to measure the depth of microcalcification, Fujifilm said.