Yamaha Sound System Simulator Y-s3 Software

Yamaha Sound System Simulator Y-S3 SoftwareThis free software gives you simulated results of Yamaha speakers* for your venue. "Auto" features allow automatic placement of optimal speaker models at optimal locations, and can also provide equalization and delay settings for your venue. Simulated settings may be immediately exported as DME Designer format, leaving you with plenty of time to make further adjustments and fine tuning of your system.

Hitachi Surveillance Camera System Searches Through 36 Million Faces In One Second

Hitachi Surveillance Camera System Searches Through 36 Million Faces In One Second This surveillance camera system can search through data on 36 million faces in one second. Developed by Hitachi Kokusai Electric, the system can automatically detect a face from either surveillance footage or a regular photo, and search for it.

The search results are displayed immediately, showing thumbnail images of potential candidates. When a thumbnail is selected, the associated recorded surveillance footage can be viewed, so users can quickly review the persons actions before and after the image was taken.

Japanese Venture To Release Light Condensing System With Triple-junction Compound Pv Cells

Japanese Venture to Release Light Condensing System With Triple-junction Compound PV CellsSmart Solar International Inc, a spin-off from the University of Tokyo, will release a uniaxial-tracking light condensing system equipped with triple-junction compound photovoltaic (PV) cells in July 2012.

The maximum output power of the module integrated with its pedestal is 200W (maximum output voltage: 50V, maximum output current: 4A). Its price is ¥84,000 (approx US$1,007).

Subaru Debuts New Eyesight System

Subaru Debuts New EyeSight SystemSubaru has announced the debut of its EyeSight™ driver assistance system. The suite of safety and driver assist technologies will debut at the New York International Auto Show on 2013 Legacy and Outback models. EyeSight will subsequently appear on other products in the Subaru line-up. EyeSight integrates adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and vehicle lane departure warning. The new technology, which can also detect obstacles in front of a parked car and limit potential damage in an impact, will become available later this year.

Mitsubishi Motors Ev-based Plug-in Hybrid System

Mitsubishi Motors EV-based Plug-in Hybrid SystemA pioneer in electro-mobility since 1966 and the first major manufacturer to launch a series production electric car (i-MiEV in 2009), Mitsubishi Motors is committed to explore the new frontiers that will allow electric vehicles (EVs) to venture beyond urban areas.

Mitsubishi Integrates Inverter With Ev Motor System

Mitsubishi Integrates Inverter With EV Motor SystemMitsubishi Electric Corp developed a motor system whose output power is more than 70kW for electric vehicles (EVs) by integrating an inverter and a motor on the same axis.

The volume of the new system is only half that of the company's motor system whose inverter and motor are separated, which was exhibited at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011. The integration enabled to shorten electric lines between the inverter and motor as well as to integrate pipes for water cooling that are required for each of the inverter and motor in the old system.

Japan To Test Floating Wind Power Generation System Near Fukushima

Japan to Test Floating Wind Power Generation System Near FukushimaEleven organizations including Marubeni Corp and the University of Tokyo announced that they will start a field test of a floating wind power generation system in a sea area off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, within fiscal 2011 ending March 31, 2012.

This project is sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

World's First Paper-board Handling Function For Sheet-fed Printing System

World's First Paper-Board Handling Function for Sheet-Fed Printing SystemDainippon Screen has announced the development of new function for the Trupress JetSX full-color, B2, variable sheet-fed printing system, enabling printing onto paper with thickness of up to 0.6 mm, ideal for packaging industry. The paper-board function is expected to accelerate the practical application of on-demand and variable printing in packaging industry.

Sharp Hems : Next Generation Home Energy Visualization System

Sharp HEMS : Next Generation Home Energy Visualization SystemSharp is developing a next generation Home Energy Management System to manage and control consumer electronics.

The system provides a visualization of the amount of power consumed by devices individually and the home as a whole, and each device can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone. Sharp plans to release the Wifi module used in this concept demonstration later in the year.

Canon Eos System Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Canon EOS system celebrates 25th anniversaryCanon's EOS system made its debut in March 1987 with the launch of the EOS 650 SLR camera and three interchangeable EF lenses, including the EF 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5. This month, the system will commemorate its long, rich history with the celebration of its 25th anniversary.

Nhk Skymap Aerial Mapping System Used After 3/11 Tsunami In Japan

NHK Skymap Aerial Mapping System Used After 3/11 Tsunami in JapanSkymap, developed by NHK last year, superimposes map data, such as district, station and building names on aerial pictures taken from a helicopter in real time.

NHK currently uses this system to give instructions to news helicopters, and it was used in the aftermath of the tsunami last year to guide helicopter pilots around areas left visually unidentifiable.

Fujitsu Releases Legend-v, New Ip-pbx Enterprise Telephony System

Fujitsu Releases LEGEND-V, New IP-PBX Enterprise Telephony SystemFujitsu announced the immediate release of Enterprise Telephony System LEGEND-V, the company's new IP-PBX product for building IP-based enterprise telephony systems.

The new product includes redundancy and a host of functions to enhance reliability and minimize the impact that power outages or system failures may have on businesses.

Hino Makes Front Under-run Protection System Standard Equipment

Hino Makes Front Under-Run Protection System Standard EquipmentHino has once again raised the bar for truck safety in Australia by fitting Front Under-run Protection (FUP) as standard equipment across its entire range of 500 and 700 Series on-highway trucks.

FUP is designed to protect other motorists by preventing their vehicle from becoming trapped and crushed under the front of the truck in the event of a frontal collision.

Baysun To Launch Li-ion Battery Module With Battery Monitoring System

Baysun to Launch Li-ion Battery Module With Battery Monitoring SystemBaysun Co Ltd announced that it has developed a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery module equipped with a battery monitoring system (BMS) capable of showing remaining battery level and preventing overcharge.

Baysun will release the module, "Arca MD1400," at the end of March 2012. Its capacity and voltage are 1.4kWh and 24V, respectively. The module contains seven 200Wh (56Ah) cells connected in series and is cooled by natural air convection.