Chrome For Android To Get Shortcut That Closes All Tabs

Chrome For Android To Get Shortcut That Closes All Tabs

The more you use your phone’s browser, chances are over time you will start to accumulate a bunch of tabs from the various websites that you might have visited. Closing them isn’t really much of a problem, but a report from Chrome Story (via 9to5Google) has suggested that Google could soon be introducing a shortcut for Android that will close them all at once.

This is according to a sighting of a code commit in which it is referenced that Chrome for Android could come with a new button that when pressed, will close all tabs at once. You can see the button for yourself in the screenshot above where the icon is shown to the left of the screenshot. This button will appear when you pull up all the tabs that are currently open, where you can press the “+” button to open a new tab, or the three dots for more options/settings.

Tracker Shoe Monitors, Keeps Tabs On Dementia Patients

Tracker shoe monitors, keeps tabs on dementia patients

A Tokyo company is hoping its special shoes with an embedded tracker are the perfect fit for families who have loved ones with dementia.

Achilles Corp., known for its shoes and plastic products, based in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, created the special footwear for dementia patients who may wander off. They will help families or caregivers to keep track of and locate the patients at all times.