Takakeisho Pulls Out Of Tourney Again

Takakeisho pulls out of tourney again

New Ozeki champion Takakeisho has pulled out of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament again, one day after he made a comeback.

Takakeisho injured a ligament in his right knee in a bout last Wednesday, the fourth day of the 15-day tourney.

Takakeisho Withdraws From Tournament Due To Injury

Takakeisho withdraws from tournament due to injury

New ozeki champion Takakeisho has withdrawn from the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament after injuring his right knee.

Stable master Chiganoura made the announcement on Thursday, the fifth day of the tournament.

Takakeisho Promoted To Sumo's 2nd Highest Rank

Takakeisho promoted to sumo's 2nd highest rank

Sumo wrestler Takakeisho has been promoted to Ozeki, the sport's second highest rank.

The Japan Sumo Association made the official decision to promote the wrestler, who was Sekiwake, the third highest rank, on Wednesday. Representatives from the association conveyed the decision to the wrestler and his stablemaster, Chiganoura, in a ceremony.

Takakeisho Reflects On First Emperor's Cup Win

Takakeisho reflects on first Emperor's Cup win

Sumo wrestler Takakeisho has vowed to work harder to ensure his first victory will not be his last after winning the Emperor's Cup in Fukuoka on Sunday.

Takakeisho, who holds the 4th-highest rank of Komusubi, picked up 13 wins in the 15-day tournament by using his signature pushing and thrusting techniques.