Bandai Launches 'my Tamagotchi Forever' For Ios And Android

Bandai Launches 'My Tamagotchi Forever' For iOS And Android

If you grew up playing the Tamagotchi toys, you might have heard that over the years, Bandai has attempted to revive the franchise through a variety of means, such as through a smartwatch app and also re-releasing it as a physical toy. However if the idea of bringing around a toy isn't an idea that you relish, not to worry.

Bandai Namco has recently announced the launch of a new Tamagotchi app called "My Tamagotchi Forever". Note that this isn't the first time that Bandai has attempted to launch a Tamagotchi app for mobile devices. The company tried to do so back in 2013, but it looks like they're trying again.

Bandai Brings Back The Classic Tamagotchi Toy

Bandai Brings Back The Classic Tamagotchi Toy

If you grew up in the 90s, there's a good chance you might have played the Tamagotchi toy. Given that these days toys have gotten more sophisticated and with smartphones and tablets becoming the new toys for kids, it isn't surprising that that Tamagotchi has fallen to the wayside in modern times.

Now we have in the past seen attempts to revive it via apps, but for those hankering for the actual thing, you might be interested to learn that Bandai has decided to re-released the Tamagotchi to mark the 20th anniversary since the toy had launched back in 1996/1997 (depending on where you were).

Bandai Brings The Tamagotchi Onto The Apple Watch

Bandai Brings The Tamagotchi Onto The Apple WatchWe’re not sure how many of you guys remember the Tamagotchi toy from back in the day. For those who are unfamiliar, basically it’s an egg-shaped toy with a display that will show you your “pet”. From there you’d have to feed it, clean up after it, and play games with it to keep it happy, much like you would with a real pet.

Tamagotchi Celebrates Its 17th Birthday With New, More Social Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi celebrates its 17th birthday with new, more social virtual petsBandai is revamping the Tamagotchis and launching a new line called Tamagotchi Friends. While you still need to feed your virtual pet and pick up its digital poop, this modern-day remake comes with new characters to raise. Also, when two owners bump their Tamagotchi Friends against each other, their pets can go on play dates, and they can interact in-game.