Infiniti Bets On Tech To Fight German Rivals

2013 Geneva Motor Show : Infiniti Q50Infiniti is running at wide-open throttle right now trying to reinvent itself in a crowded marketplace.
Nissan’s luxury division is working to reposition itself as a challenger brand to other top-tier automakers. They’re hoping to achieve this by emphasizing things like performance, precision and curiously, provocation. Industry-leading technology is a key component to this strategy and plenty is available in the new Q50 sedan.

Honda To Spool Up Turbos, Workforce With F1 Tech

Honda to spool up turbos, workforce with F1 techHonda has had a longer and more tumultuous relationship with Formula One than just about any other automaker. It had only been building cars for four years before it entered F1 in 1964 as the first Japanese team in the series, winning its first race the following season but shuttering the program a few years later.

2014 Lexus Gs: Self-driving Tech, New Four-cylinder Hybrid Added

2014 Lexus GS: self-driving tech, new four-cylinder hybrid addedThe 2014 Lexus GS has landed locally, with a new eight-speed automatic standard on all 3.5-litre petrol V6 models, active lane keeping assistance standard on all Sports Luxury grades, and a new four-cylinder hybrid GS300h specification filling the second tier of the range.

Lexus Drops Night Vision Tech

2013 Supercharged Lexus GS 350 F SPORT Wald Body KitLexus has decided to discard a technology in its vehicles for the 2014 model year that you probably didn’t care about in the first place.
“Night View,” which is a branded name for the night vision system found in certain Lexus and Toyota vehicles on the road today, is being discontinued for the 2014 model year. Lexus spokesman Bill Kwong confirmed that the company decided to stop offering it because there weren’t many people opting for it.

New Nissan Micra Engages Revived Tech Trend With Innovative Gif Campaign

New Nissan Micra Engages Revived Tech Trend With Innovative Gif CampaignNissan today launches a unique engagement platform to continue the concept of #Micra "GO GET IT!" attitude, embodied by an independent, sassy and intelligent woman who tackles the day positively with the new Micra and all its technologies. The campaign kicks off in United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Poland today, after an early start in France on September 16th. 

Pioneer To Grace Ceatec 2013 With High Tech In-vehicle Technology

Pioneer To Grace CEATEC 2013 With High Tech In-Vehicle TechnologyCEATEC 2013 is about to be upon us in a week’s time, and you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of Japanese firms (as well as others in the consumer electronics industry) will be making a beeline there. Expect Pioneer Electronics to be there at the Makuhari Messe this coming October 1st, where they will deliver some in-vehicle technology that boasts of intuitive operation, where it will work by taking advantage of the sensing as well as cognitive capabilities of the human being.

Video : Honda Tech Talk: How To Bleed Your Brakes

VIDEO : Honda Tech Talk: How to Bleed Your BrakesYour hydraulic brakes are designed to provide reliable, long-term stopping power, but occasionally need some maintenance, especially if the lever or pedal feel becomes mushy. That indicates air has entered the brake system, and needs to be bled out, a task that either you or your Honda dealer can do.

2013 Frankfurt Auto Show : Nissan Micra Gets Fresh Look, More Tech And 'new' Name

2013 Frankfurt Auto Show : Nissan Micra gets fresh look, more tech and 'New' nameMicra, one of the most significant models in Nissan's history and the bedrock on which the company's current success has been built, has undergone a series of improvements and enhancements.

The changes are so wide ranging that they go well beyond what usually constitutes a mid-term facelift. And although the revised model is based on the popular fourth generation 'K13' city car, Nissan is calling it 'New Micra'.

Honda Demos Advanced New Collision-avoidance Tech

Honda Demos Advanced New Collision-Avoidance TechHonda has demonstrated two experimental safety technologies that are being developed to reduce cut down on cars crashing into people and motorcycles.

“While these are still experimental technologies, they provide a strong indication of the future potential for the kinds of advanced collision sensing and predictive technologies Honda is developing to further reduce the potential for serious accidents, injuries and even fatalities,” said Honda research and development engineer Jim Keller.