Athlete Has Heatstroke In Olympic Test Triathlon

Athlete has heatstroke in Olympic test triathlon

A French athlete was taken to hospital for suspected heatstroke after the women's triathlon Olympic test race in Tokyo on Thursday. It has shown that Tokyo's severe summer heat may be a major obstacle for athletes to compete in the 2020 Games.

In Thursday's event, the running segment of the race had been cut to half due to heat concerns.

Jal Copilot Fails Preflight Alcohol Test

JAL copilot fails preflight alcohol test

It has been revealed that a Japan Airlines copilot was replaced after failing a preflight alcohol test at an airport in southwestern Japan.

The 54-year-old male copilot was to board a flight from Kagoshima to Tokyo on Saturday.

Test Reduces Tokyo Expressway Traffic By Only 7%

Test reduces Tokyo expressway traffic by only 7%

Japan's transport ministry says a large-scale test conducted earlier this week, aimed at easing traffic on Tokyo's Metropolitan Expressway during next year's Olympics and Paralympics, failed to achieve a goal that had been set.

People are concerned that traffic congestion on the expressway will be heavy during the Summer Games if no measures are undertaken.

Woman Test-drives A New 2019 Honda Accord — And Keeps On Going

Woman test-drives a new 2019 Honda Accord — and keeps on going

Typically when shopping for a new car, the song and dance at a dealership is pretty standard, including a salesperson riding shotgun on your test drive. But one dealership let a prospective buyer go out by herself, and, well, she didn't come back. The Oakland Press reports that police are on the hunt for a woman who took an all-new, gray 2019 Honda Accord on a test drive June 15 from Page Honda in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. After she disappeared into the day, the dealership reported it stolen.

Presumably the dealership copied her driver's license and other identifying information, assuming it's genuine, of course. Police are asking anyone with information to contact Bloomfield Township police at 248-433-7755. The Honda Accord has long endured a reputation for being one of the most stolen cars in America, though not as much in recent years — and not usually like this. The Nissan Altima was listed as the most stolen car as of a 2017 study, according to

Xiaomi Android Q Beta Test Schedule Confirmed

Xiaomi Android Q Beta Test Schedule Confirmed

Several OEMs are working with Google to test out the Android Q beta on select devices and Xiaomi wants to get in on the action as well. The company has confirmed its beta roadmap for Android Q. A total of 11 devices from the Chinese company will take part in the Android Q beta test before Google’s latest and greatest Android OS iteration is rolled out for these devices.

Nine Xiaomi devices are scheduled to receive the Android Q beta in the fourth quarter of this year. These devices include the Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, K20 Pro, K20, Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Explorer, Mi Mix 2S, and Mi Mix 3. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and the Redmi Note 7 are set to receive their Android Q betas in the first quarter of 2020.

Hiroshima Protests Us Subcritical Nuclear Test

Hiroshima protests US subcritical nuclear test

People in Hiroshima are protesting the latest nuclear test by the United States. The US government announced last week that the country carried out a subcritical nuclear test earlier this year.

A US government laboratory said it carried out the experiment in Nevada in February as part of a drive to modernize the country's nuclear weapons.

A-bomb Survivors Protest Recent Us Test

A-bomb survivors protest recent US test

In Hiroshima, people including survivors of the 1945 atomic bombing of the city have held a sit-in protest against a subcritical nuclear test conducted in February by the United States.

About 80 people from 12 groups gathered on Monday at the cenotaph for atomic bomb victims in the Peace Memorial Park. They held a banner condemning nuclear tests of all kinds.

Hiroshima Officials Protest Latest Us Nuclear Test

Hiroshima officials protest latest US nuclear test

People in Hiroshima are protesting the latest nuclear test by the United States.

The US government announced on Friday that the country carried out a subcritical nuclear test in the state of Nevada on February 13. This type of test does not produce a nuclear explosion.

Suga On Us Subcritical Nuclear Test

Suga on US subcritical nuclear test

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary says the recent US subcritical nuclear test is not prohibited by a UN test ban treaty because it did not produce a nuclear explosion.

Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Monday that a discussion is needed on how to deal with such tests while pursuing nuclear disarmament. He said Japan aims for a world without nuclear weapons.

Jal Pilot Failed Preflight Alcohol Test

JAL pilot failed preflight alcohol test

NHK has learned that a Japan Airlines pilot was replaced with a substitute after alcohol was detected on his breath in a preflight test last month.

The 50-year-old pilot was due to work on a flight from Shanghai to Narita, near Tokyo, on April 29.

Researchers Test Drug For Treating Als

Researchers test drug for treating ALS

A team of Japanese researchers says an existing drug could be effective in treating an intractable motor neuron disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

The group, comprising researchers at Kyoto University and other institutions, announced on Tuesday that it has begun clinical trials based on its studies involving iPS cells, or induced pluripotent stem cells.