Nintendo Could Be Looking To Scale Back On Their Mobile Development Efforts

Nintendo Could Be Looking To Scale Back On Their Mobile Development Efforts

According to the report, it alleges that Nintendo is apparently looking to scale back on their mobile development efforts. While the company isn’t quitting mobile completely, it seems that the company’s success with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch has reaffirmed what they had previously thought, which was that console gaming is where it’s at.

This alleged decision shouldn’t come as a surprise. Back in May, Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa had already hinted of the company’s mobile plans, where he was quoted as saying, “We are not necessarily looking to continue releasing many new applications for the mobile market.”

Rumored Xbox Series X Pricing Could Give Sony A Run For Their Money

Rumored Xbox Series X Pricing Could Give Sony A Run For Their Money

At the moment no one really knows how much Sony’s next-gen PS5 console will cost, but a listing on Amazon revealed that it could be priced starting at $450 and could go up to close to $600. Now according to the latest rumors, it seems that in terms of price, Microsoft could very well win on that front.

This comes from a user calling themselves Eastmen who posted on the Beyond3D forums (as reported by Dutch website Techtastic) claiming that the Xbox Series X could be priced at around $400, while the Xbox Series S could even hit price points as low as $200. The post claims that to cover their potential losses in hardware sales, Microsoft might be looking to take a bigger cut of game sales and subscriptions.

Survey: Students Fear For Their Part-time Jobs

Survey: Students fear for their part-time jobs

An advocacy group in Japan says about 40 percent of students in higher education are worried about a loss of income from part-time jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The student advocacy group FREE conducted a survey of 149 people, including university and graduate students, from March 8 to April 10.

What If Maison Book Girl Put All Of Their Energy Into Idol Activities?

What if Maison book girl put all of their energy into idol activities?

Maison book girl have revealed a "parallel version" music video for their song "my cut." 

This song was included in the group's first album "bath room" released back in 2015. The "parallel version" video was created as a part of their program 'Maison book girl / Dual' on WOWOW PLUS MUSIC. With the concept, "What if Maison book girl put all their energy into idol activities?" the members express their image of an idol through the video. idomin was in charge of the choreography.

Honda And Fca Won't Restart Their North American Plants Until May

Honda and FCA won't restart their North American plants until May

TOKYO — Honda on Tuesday said that it had furloughed workers at its U.S. plants, which will be closed until May 1 as demand for cars in the country has plummeted due to the spread of the coronavirus.

A spokesman for Honda, which employs about 18,400 workers at plants in Alabama, Indiana and Ohio, said the Japanese automaker would guarantee salaries through Sunday, having suspended operations on March 23. Operations at its Powersports plant in South Carolina, which makes all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), have been suspended since March 26.

Subaru Helps Drivers Keep Their Eye On The Road With Driverfocus

Subaru helps drivers keep their eye on the road with DriverFocus

Transcript: This safety tech keeps you focused on the road. Subaru's DriverFocus distraction mitigation system is one of the first technologies of its kind. It's designed to help detect distracted or drowsy driving. DriverFocus uses facial recognition and biometrics. A driver-facing camera keeps a digital eye on the driver and will chime if it notices you taking your eyes off the road. DriverFocus will also recognize the faces of up to 5 drivers and keep driver profiles. The system will welcome you and move your seat to your desired setting. DriverFocus comes standard in the Subaru Forester Touring Edition.


Exile Akira And Lin Chi-ling Hold Their Wedding Ceremony

EXILE AKIRA and Lin Chi-Ling hold their wedding ceremony

EXILE AKIRA and actress Lin Chi-Ling held their wedding ceremony on November 17 in Tainan City, Taiwan. 

The two began dating after co-starring in the stage play 'Red Cliff ~Ai~' back in August of 2011, and they officially submitted their marriage registration papers in in June. They chose to hold their wedding in Tainan because it is a special place of memories for Lin Chi-Ling's grandmother and her family. About 100 people, including the couple's family and friends, were invited to the wedding. After the ceremony, they held a reception at the Tainan Art Museum where over 3,000 local fans gathered outside to congratulate the couple. 

Nico Touches The Walls To Put An End To Their Activities

NICO Touches the Walls to put an end to their activities

NICO Touches the Walls have announced that they will be ending their activities. 

On their official website, the members explained, "These past 15 years, as well as the music we have created, are difficult to replace. However, as musicians and individuals, we started to strongly feel that we must jump out of this space called NICO Touches the Walls in order to see new things.

Android Security Flaw Allows Apps To Spy On Users Through Their Camera And Microphones

Android Security Flaw Allows Apps To Spy On Users Through Their Camera And Microphones

Recently, iOS users with Facebook installed had a bit of a privacy and security scare when it was discovered that due to a bug in the app, it would launch the phone’s camera in the background while the app was being used. The issue has since been patched, but now it looks like it’s Android’s turn to suffer from a similar vulnerability.

However, in this instance it has nothing to do with Facebook, but rather it is an issue with Android in which according to security firm Checkmarx, they have discovered a security flaw that allows apps to potentially use the user’s camera and microphone to secretly make recordings without the user’s knowledge.