There Are Over 2.5 Billion Active Android Devices

There Are Over 2.5 Billion Active Android Devices

Android is the most widely used operating system in the world and it continues to cross new milestones. Google confirmed during its I/O 2019 developers conference today that there are now more than 2.5 billion active Android devices being used across the globe. The figure was revealed by Stephanie Cuthbertson, an Android director at Google.

The company pointed out that these 2.5 billion active devices were manufactured by 180 different hardware companies. They’re obviously not all smartphones as you’ll even find seatback entertainment screens in airplanes running on Android.

Update: There Are 5 Unsold Lexus Lfas Left In The U.s.

UPDATE: There are 5 unsold Lexus LFAs left in the U.S.

UPDATE (April 9, 2019): This year has been a solid year for LFA sales with three more finding homes. Interestingly, all three were sold during the month of January. By our count, that leaves five of the supercars left unsold.

UPDATE (January 3, 2019): The countdown of Lexus LFA sales continues. In the time since our last update, Lexus sold another of the supercars. That means we're down to 8 LFAs unsold in the U.S. Check out the whole story on unsold LFAs below. We'll also continue to monitor LFA sales to see if/when all are sold.

Mazda Engineer Explains Why There Won't Be A Mazdaspeed3

Mazda engineer explains why there won't be a Mazdaspeed3

When Mazda put the new, beautiful Mazda3 on its stand at last year's L.A. Auto Show, it didn't take long before someone asked about a Mazdaspeed3. It took even less time for the Japanese automaker's new global boss, Akira Marumoto, to cite his company's small size and say, "[My] answer would be no." During first drives of the compact hatch last month, Road & Track asked Mazda development vehicle engineer Dave Coleman what Mazda would need in order to resurrect an MPS version. Coleman detailed a few reasons for the Mazdaspeed's continued hiatus, the prohibitive cost foremost. But another hitch is that the Mazdaspeed we'd get now isn't the Mazdaspeed enthusiasts would want.

Coleman told the magazine, "If we had an engine on the shelf that would fit that properly, then we could talk." But the price to develop an engine and supporting hardware to do the car right isn't in the budget for an automaker of Mazda's size.

There There Theres To Disband In Late-february

THERE THERE THERES to disband in late-February

It's been announced that THERE THERE THERES will disband in late-February.

On the band, director Tanaka Koji commented, "Everyone is a hard worker, and I loved watching them on stage," and on their disbandment, he said, "Please resent Tanaka for being unable to skillfully coordinate the unique members." According to Tanaka, since the group first formed, "They were unable to make compromises even though they liked each other." After talking it over multiple times, they decided to move on rather than coming to a standstill over and over again. 

Sony Effectively Confirms That There Will Be A Ps5

Sony Effectively Confirms That There Will Be A PS5

For many years now, it has become more or less expected that every few years, console makers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will release new hardware. There are some who believe that maybe game streaming could be the future and would be less reliant on hardware, and while that might be true, it seems that Sony could be putting out new hardware anyway.

N.korean Media Says There Is No Abductions Issue

N.Korean media says there is no abductions issue

An international broadcast by North Korea's state-run radio says Japan keeps ranting about the issue of abductions of Japanese nationals, saying the issue does not exist.

The Japanese news agency Radiopress reported that Pyongyang Broadcasting Station aired a commentary on Japan on Tuesday.

Update: There Are 9 Unsold Lexus Lfas Left In The U.s.

UPDATE: There are 9 unsold Lexus LFAs left in the U.S.

UPDATE (April 5, 2018): Since we first ran this post, Lexus has actually sold 3 more LFAs, meaning that there should be 9 more remaining for sale in the U.S. Read on to learn more about how there are still a few new ones on the market.

While we were digging through automaker sales figures for July, we found a few odd sales of discontinued cars, but the strangest by far was the inclusion of the Lexus LFA in Toyota's numbers. Apparently, a dealer sold one in July, and even more amazingly, six were sold last year. This is remarkable because production ended for the LFA way back in 2012, and there weren't many examples to begin with. So we reached out to Toyota for more info, and we have good news, sort of, if you missed out on buying a new one when the car was, well, really new.

Nissan Z Sports Car Is Far From Dead, Despite The Fact That There Are No Official Plans Yet To Replace The Ageing 370z

Nissan Z sports car is far from dead, despite the fact that there are no official plans yet to replace the ageing 370ZIt appears that Nissan's Z sports car is far from dead, despite the fact that there are no official plans yet to replace the ageing 370Z.Nissan’s chief planning officer Philippe Klein told Automotive News that the reports of the Z’s death are greatly exaggerated.When asked though if Nissan is developing a successor to the 370Z, which has been on the market since 2009, he avoided to give a clear answer. “We’re working on it and it’s very present, but I have no indication to give you,” Klein said.

Lexus Exec Reveals There Are Still Complaints About The Spindle Grille

Lexus exec reveals there are still complaints about the spindle grille

When Lexus debuted its spindle grille on the GS sedan and trademarked the design back in 2012, it was a sure sign the look was here to stay. It started making its way through the lineup, and now five model years later, it's on all Lexus vehicles. The one thing everyone can all agree on is, it's bold. And Lexus has doubled down on the design with the LF-1 Limitless Concept on display at the Detroit Auto Show.

Netflix Claims There Are Currently No Plans For The Nintendo Switch

Netflix Claims There Are Currently No Plans For The Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch was officially launched, many wondered about the console's capabilities and what kind of things it could do besides play games. Naturally this led to questions about video streaming, in which early last year, Nintendo stated that Netflix for the Switch would eventually come in time.

Unfortunately it seems that any hopes for that happening anytime soon have since been dashed, at least according to a Netflix customer service rep who confirmed that there are no plans to arrive on the Switch. This was a tweet in response to users asking when Netflix might arrive for the console, in which the rep stated that the company currently has no plans to make that happen.