Sony : There Came An Echo Hits Ps4 On May 31

Sony : There Came an Echo Hits PS4 on May 31There Came an Echo, the cyberpunk voice-controlled real-time strategy game starring Wil Wheaton, is heading to PS4 as a console exclusive. And we’re not much for making you wait — it’s coming on May 31. Is it your birthday next week? Happy Birthday. Is it not? Well, sorry we missed your last birthday; here’s a sweet game to make up for it.

Possibly The Cheapest Lexus Lfa On Sale Out There

Possibly the Cheapest Lexus LFA On Sale Out ThereAs most limited edition supercars tend to go for a whopping price on the used car market, this example can be considered an aberration.
The ad posted on Craigslist specifies a $369,000 asking price, which means $6,000 below its MSRP for the 2012-made LFA.

There Could Be Decades Before We See A New Lexus Supercar

There Could Be Decades Before We See A New Lexus SupercarLexus International executive vice-president Mark Templin has put the brakes on rumors of a next-generation LFA coming any time soon — from Motoring Australia:
“There’s lots of desire; I would never say never,” [Templin] said of another supercar flagship from Lexus, “but it’s not in our short-term plan.”

'we Are Getting There' On Making Nissan Leaf Profitable Says Ceo Carlos Ghosn

Nissan celebrates with more than 60,000 U.S. LEAF owners during "National Drive Electric Week"After 19 months in a row of record sales in the US, the money picture for the Nissan Leaf is steadily improving. To date (well, until the end of September), Nissan has sold 63,944 Leaf EVs in the US and a total of around 140,000 globally. The company produces the electric vehicle in three countries: Japan, the UK and the US and has sold more standard passenger EVs than any other automaker. Add all that up and you get to an EV that is just about to be profitable.

Video : Sony There Came An Echo: Voice-controlled Strategy On Ps4

VIDEO : Sony There Came an Echo: Voice-controlled Strategy on PS4Hey, PlayStation fans! Quick backstory: we were making this game, and market research showed us that people who own PS4s like games. After extensive trend analysis and writing numbers down on paper in the hopes of making it look like we knew basic mathematics, we made the executive decision to bring our title, There Came an Echo, over to the Sony side of town. There’s a trailer above, which you should probably watch, but if you didn’t, it’s okay, we’re cool.