These 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Renders Could Be Very Close To Reality

These 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Renders Could Be Very Close To Reality

Toyota is working on a facelift for the Land Cruiser Prado and Instagramer Hamad1two3 has posted some rendering of what the model could look like.

If the pictures are accurate, the model will be equipped with a new front fascia which eschews the cartoonish headlights of the current model. The SUV also has a more aggressive front bumper, a restyled grille, and new fog lights. The rear end largely carries over but there's updated taillights, a new tailgate, and a modestly revised bumper.

Tokyo Police Gets These Cool Nissan 370z Nismos

Tokyo Police Gets These Cool Nissan 370Z Nismos If they had these cars back in the 1990s, the Midnight Club wouldn’t have happened.
Evil drifters beware, Nissan delivered some of its finest vehicles to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police department in Japan, to support traffic safety activities in addition to regular duties. Or that’s what they’re saying, because we don’t think that the cops can resist the 370Z Nismo’s charm of going fast (possibly sideways).

Sony : These Smartphone Shots Are ‘out Of This World’

Sony : These smartphone shots are ‘out of this world’Andrew Scriven is a photographer and winner of the Sony World Photography Awards, he’s also an environmentalist, a teacher and an all round good guy. So, when he told us he was off to the arctic to photograph polar bears with, in his words, “just a tent, a camera and a lot of hope,” we thought we’d add an Xperia Z2 to that and see what happened. The results speak for themselves…

What Do These Toyota Engineers Do In Their Free Time? Rally.

What do These Toyota Engineers Do In Their Free Time? Rally.TTC Rally Team drivers Colin Ravenscroft and Kyle Steinkamp aren’t big names in the racing world and you won’t find them listed among the who’s-who of professional rally drivers. In fact their names aren’t even on the who’s-not-who list of professional drivers; because they aren’t professional drivers, they’re Toyota engineers. While Toyota has been involved in rally racing in one part of the globe or another since the early 70’s, there’s something very unique about this Toyota rally team; the drivers and crew are all Toyota team members working on their own time and sometimes on their own dime.