Google Opens Android Infotainment System To Third-party Media Apps

Google opens Android infotainment system to third-party media apps

Now that Google has a full-fledged car infotainment platform in Android Automotive, it's opening the door to apps built for that platform. As of Google I/O, developers will have the power to create media apps for Android Automotive-equipped cars like the upcoming Polestar 2. It's using the same underlying framework as Android Auto, which should ensure that a favorite music or audiobook app will work properly across different touchscreen sizes and car customizations. You'll have to wait awhile for the first apps since the Polestar 2 doesn't arrive until 2020, and there aren't any publicly announced partners (although a preview graphic does show NPR One). Don't be surprised if the app ecosystem expands over the months ahead, though. And yes, Google intends to open Android Automotive to more than just media apps. The company has "plans" to enable apps for navigation, communication "and beyond," so you might have alternatives if you don't care for Google Maps or need a third-party internet calling service. The aim is ultimately to create an app ecosystem for cars that more closely resembles what you see on phones, rather than another take on the walled-off environments you see today. Android Developers

Reported by Jon Fingas for Engadget

"lupin The Third" Anime Creator Dies

The creator of the popular Japanese anime series "Lupin the Third" has died. The company that produces the series announced that Monkey Punch, whose real name was Kazuhiko Kato, died of pneumonia last Thursday. He was 81.

He was born in northern Japan's Hokkaido Prefecture. After taking evening courses to obtain his high school diploma, he moved to Tokyo.

Third Outbreak Of Swine Fever Confirmed In Aichi

Third outbreak of swine fever confirmed in Aichi

A new outbreak of swine fever has been confirmed on a pig farm in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan. It is the third farm in the prefecture to be hit by the highly contagious disease.

Aichi officials announced on Wednesday that hogs on a farm in Tahara City tested positive for the disease. They were testing the animals after the farmer reported the day before that some piglets had died.

Suchmos To Release Third Full Album

Suchmos to release third full album

Suchmos will release their third full album "THE ANYMAL" on March 27.

It'll be over two years since the band released their last album "THE KIDS" back in January of 2017. Their upcoming album will be released in both regular and limited editions. More details will be revealed in the near future. 

Hitoto Yo Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

Hitoto Yo is pregnant with her third child

It's been reported that singer Hitoto Yo (42) is pregnant with her third child. 

Hitoto Yo made her singing debut in 2002 with "Morainaki," but it wasn't until 2004 when her song "Hanamizuki" became a hit and made her break. She married guitarist Yamaguchi Shuhei in April of 2015, and at the same time, announced her first pregnancy. Her first child, a son, was born in November of the same year, then she gave birth to her second child, a daughter in July of 2017.

Osawa Akane Announces Third Pregnancy

Osawa Akane announces third pregnancy

Comedian Gekidan Hitori (41) and wife talent Osawa Akane (33) have announced their third pregnancy. 

In a joint statement sent out to the media on October 9, they expressed, "We feel very happy that we will be gaining another precious family member." Osawa plans to continue working while monitoring her health. She has already entered her stable period and is expected to give birth next spring. 

Sony Sues Third-party Seller For Selling Jailbroken Ps4 Consoles

Sony Sues Third-Party Seller For Selling Jailbroken PS4 Consoles

Given the price of games, it’s not surprising the in the early days of consoles like the original PlayStation and the PS2, piracy was extremely rampant as it was such an easy process to replicate the CDs/DVDs that games came on. However in recent times, it seems to have become less of a problem, although there are still instances of it happening.

Third-party Nintendo Switch Docks Are Reportedly Bricking Consoles

Third-Party Nintendo Switch Docks Are Reportedly Bricking Consoles

The upside to using official accessories is that they're pretty much guaranteed to work with the product that you're using. Granted they are expensive, but that assurance is probably worth it. However when it comes to third-party accessories, that's where it gets a little cloudy, which unfortunately is what some Nintendo Switch owners are discovering for themselves.

According to reports, it seems that some Switch owners who are using third-party docks have reported that their consoles have been bricked as a result. The dock in question seems to be the one created by Nyko, although there have been reports of other brands facing similar problems.

Honda Cr-v Getting A Third Row, Hybrid Release Date At Geneva

Honda CR-V getting a third row, hybrid release date at Geneva

Although the latest CR-V, with its turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder, has been available in the U.S. for months, it's only finally reaching Europe's shores. The Geneva Motor Show will be the site for the European-spec model's launch, with deliveries arriving in the fall. Honda is also taking this opportunity to announce that the European CR-V will get an optional third-row of seats, and when the hybrid version will go on sale.

This will be the first time the CR-V has ever been offered with three rows of seats. It should be a smart move for competing against the long-wheelbase VW Tiguan, which is the only version we get in the U.S., and the Nissan X-Trail, known here as the Rogue, all of which have available third rows. As for whether the three-row CR-V will be available in America, Honda wouldn't comment. But because it would be a strong selling point, and since it will only be available on the gas-powered CR-V, we suspect it will be an option here sooner than later.