Tokyo Paralympics Ticket Winners Announced

Tokyo Paralympics ticket winners announced

The organizers of next year's Tokyo Paralympic Games have announced the results of their ticket lottery.

The Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games says the lottery results were posted on its official ticketing website early Wednesday.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Resumed

JR online ticket-reservation system resumed

Japan's largest rail operator says problems with its online reservation system have resumed seven hours after the trouble was first reported on Tuesday morning.

Officials at East Japan Railway Company say it could not have something to do with the new rate.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Down

JR online ticket-reservation system down

Japan's largest rail operator is reporting problems with its online reservation system that may be related to the tax hike. Officials at East Japan Railway Company haven't pinpointed the cause. But they say it could have something to do with the new rate or an ongoing system upgrade.

The officials say customers are unable to receive tickets ...reserved on the "Eki Net" website ... from machines at train stations.

Illicit Access Made To Olympic Ticket Lottery

Illicit access made to Olympic ticket lottery

The organizing committee of next year's Tokyo Olympics says nearly 7,000 tickets may have been sold to applicants who used fake personal data to take part in the lottery.

The committee said on Friday that about 30,000 of the registered IDs for ticket purchases were obtained using false personal information.

Tokyo Paralympics Ticket Lottery Closes

Tokyo Paralympics ticket lottery closes

The lottery for tickets to next year's Paralympic Games in Tokyo has closed for now in Japan.

The organizing committee's official website stopped accepting applications on Monday. The committee says the website was accessed 1.35 million times since it opened on August 22.

Paralympic Ticket Applications To Begin Thursday

Paralympic ticket applications to begin Thursday

The organizers of next year's Tokyo Paralympics will begin accepting online applications for tickets on Thursday.

The official website for Paralympics tickets will go live early Thursday. The tickets are being sold through a lottery system.

Olympic Organizers Mulling 2 More Ticket Lotteries

Olympic organizers mulling 2 more ticket lotteries

Sources say the organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics may hold 2 more ticket lotteries after many people came up empty in the first one.

In the first lottery, millions of people are believed to have accessed the 2020 Olympic Games ticketing website before online applications were closed on May 31.

Tokyo Olympics Ticket Winners Notified

Tokyo Olympics ticket winners notified

Organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics have released the results of a ticket lottery.

The Games' organizing committee made the announcement on Thursday on its ticketing website, which is accessed by registered personal IDs.

Ticket Hopefuls Warned Of Fake E-mails

Ticket hopefuls warned of fake e-mails

People who applied for tickets for next year's Tokyo Olympics are being warned of fake e-mails disguised as notices of lottery results.

The Games' organizing committee announced the results of the ticket lottery on its website on Thursday. It will also notify applicants directly by e-mail.

Ticket Designs For Rugby World Cup Unveiled

Ticket designs for Rugby World Cup unveiled

The designs of tickets for the 2019 Rugby World Cup were unveiled in Tokyo on Monday, ahead of the tournament's kickoff in Japan in September.

Former national team skippers Takashi Kikutani and Toshiaki Hirose stood on stage beside giant replicas of the designs.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Ticket Website Set Up

2020 Tokyo Olympics ticket website set up

Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have set up an official website for selling tickets.

The Olympic organizing committee told a news conference on Thursday that it will accept applications for tickets through a lottery on the official site during a 20-day period from May 9. Only people who live in Japan can apply. The winners will be announced on June 20.