Sources: Yahoo Japan, Line Negotiating Tie-up

Sources: Yahoo Japan, Line negotiating tie-up

Yahoo Japan under Softbank Group and messaging app Line are negotiating toward a tie-up, according to sources close to the matter.

The sources say Softbank and Line's parent company, Naver of South Korea, are considering making 50-50 investments toward creating a new firm, establishing a holding company under it and making Yahoo Japan and LINE subsidiaries of the company.

The Rampage Receive First Anime Tie-up

THE RAMPAGE receive first anime tie-up

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE's new song "DOWN BY LAW" has been picked up as the opening theme for anime 'FAIRY TAIL.'

"DOWN BY LAW" is the coupling track to THE RAMPAGE's new single "THROW YA FIST" to be released on January 30. The song conveys a positive message with the theme "the bonds we have with friends who are moving forward the same future."

Sekai No Owari's Dj Love And Former Fudanjuku's Ura Erika Tie The Knot

SEKAI NO OWARI's DJ LOVE and former Fudanjuku's Ura Erika tie the knot

It's been reported that SEKAI NO OWARI's DJ LOVE and former Fudanjuku's Ura Erika have tied the knot. 

On the band's official website, DJ LOVE announced, "At this time, I have registered my marriage with talento Ura Erika-san, whom I have been dating for some time. While spending my life with her, who understands and supports me as well as my band, I intend to work even harder in my band activities."

Cabinet Support, Disapproval Rates Tie At 41%

Cabinet support, disapproval rates tie at 41%

An NHK opinion poll shows that the support and the disapproval rate for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet were tied at 41 percent.

NHK conducted the telephone survey over the weekend of 2,162 randomly chosen people aged 18 and over. 1,205 of them, or 56 percent, responded.

Maeda Atsuko & Katsuji Ryo Tie The Knot!

Maeda Atsuko & Katsuji Ryo tie the knot!

It's been reported that Maeda Atsuko and Katsuji Ryo have tied the knot on July 30. 

The following day, the couple sent the announcement via fax to media outlets. The two met through a mutual friend and were attracted to each other's personalities. In the fax announcement, they stated, "We are both immature, but we hope to build a cheerful family full of laughter. From now on, we will support each other to sincerely face the work that has been given to us. It would make us happy if you would watch over us warmly.

Mano Erina And Shibasaki Gaku Tie The Knot

Mano Erina and Shibasaki Gaku tie the knot

On July 16, actress Mano Erina (27) announced that she and soccer player Shibasaki Gaku (26) have tied the knot. 

In a written announcement via FAX, Mano reported, "At this time, I would like to announce that I have married Shibasaki Gaku-san. From now on, we will build a family full of smiles while supporting each other. It would make me happy if everyone would watch over us warmly.

Southern All Stars Announce New Best-of Album, Cm Tie-up & Tour For 40th Anniversary

Southern All Stars announce new best-of album, CM tie-up & tour for 40th anniversary

Southern All Stars, who celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 25, have announced the release of a new best-of album, a CM tie-up with 'Mitsuya Cider,' and a tour next spring.

Twenty years have passed since the group released their best-of album "Umi no Yeah!!" on June 25, 1998. The upcoming album will include their hit singles, such as "TSUNAMI" and "Tokyo VICTORY" as well as their latest single "Tatakau Senshi (Mono) Tachi e Ai wo Komete." It will be a 2-disc set containing a total of 29 previously released songs and three brand new ones. 

Tamaki Hiroshi & Kinami Haruka To Tie The Knot

Tamaki Hiroshi & Kinami Haruka to tie the knot

It's been reported that actor Tamaki Hiroshi (38) and actress Kinami Haruka (32) will be tying the knot. 

On June 21, several sports papers reported that the two would be getting married in the near future. In an ORICON STYLE interview, both agencies confirmed the reports stating, "It is true that they will be getting married." However, they didn't reveal any specific dates. 

Spyair's New Single To Include All 'gintama' Tie-up Songs

SPYAIR's new single to include all 'Gintama' tie-up songs

SPYAIR's new single "I Wanna Be..." will drop in stores on July 25. 

The title track is the opening theme for anime 'Gintama', which airs on TV Tokyo beginning July 8. The single will be released in a Regular Edition and a Complete Production Edition. The Complete Production Edition will include all of the 'Gintama' tie-up songs, such as "Sakura Mitsutsuki," "Genjou Destruction," and "Scramble." Meanwhile, the Regular Edition will contain a rap battle song called "Hold It, Buster ~Battle of Rap~" by IKE (Vo) and UZ (G, Programming).

Hamaguchi Masaru And Minami Akina Tie The Knot

Hamaguchi Masaru and Minami Akina tie the knot

Comedian Hamaguchi Masaru (46) and talento Minami Akina (29) have gotten married. The couple made the happy announcement on their Instagram accounts. 

He continued, "It would make us happy if you would continue to watch over us with unchanging love." Finally, he revealed, "My partner Arino-kun [of comedian duo Yoiko] served as the eyewitness."

Superfly's Ochi Shiho And Fuji Fabric's Kanazawa Daisuke Tie The Knot

Superfly's Ochi Shiho and Fuji Fabric's Kanazawa Daisuke tie the knot

Kanazawa Daisuke (Fuji Fabric) and Ochi Shiho (Superfly) have tied the knot. 

The couple reported their marriage via their respective websites. Kanazawa commented, "Shiho-san is loved by everyone and is intelligent. She is someone I respect as a person." Meanwhile, Superfly wrote, "He is gentle, considerate, and very unique. It's only been a year since we've met, but I feel like we can laugh together even when we become grandpa and grandma."