Keyakizaka46's 6th Single To Be Titled 'garasu Wo Ware!'

Keyakizaka46's 6th single to be titled 'Garasu wo Ware!'

The title of Keyakizaka46's sixth single has been determined to be "Garasu wo Ware!" In addition, the track list has been revealed. 

"Garasu wo Ware!" will be released in five different versions: Limited Editions A~D and a Regular Edition. As the coping track, all versions will include "Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?" Besides this, each version will come with a different coupling song. 

Dir En Grey's 29th Single To Be Titled 'ningen Wo Kaburu'

DIR EN GREY's 29th single to be titled 'Ningen wo Kaburu'

DIR EN GREY will release their 29th single "Ningen wo Kaburu" on April 25. 

While the band released a best-of album last month, the last time they released a single was back in July of 2016. The new single will be prepared in four different versions: Regular Edition (CD-Only), Limited Edition (CD+DVD), and Complete Production Edition (CD+DVD or Blu-ray). 

Androp To Release New Album Titled 'cocoon'

androp to release new album titled 'cocoon'

androp will release their new album titled "cocoon" on March 7.

It's been over two years since the band released their last album "androp." Their upcoming album will feature 12 songs including their latest single "Joker" as well as singles released last year, such as "Prism" and "SOS! feat. Creepy Nuts."

Japan Leading Anime Studio Toei Animation And Saudi Arabia Manga Productions Launches A 20-minute Short Titled The Woodcutter Treasure

Japan leading anime studio Toei Animation and Saudi Arabia Manga Productions launches a 20-minute short titled The Woodcutter Treasure

The first fruit of a collaboration between Japan's leading anime studio Toei Animation Co. and Saudi Arabia's Manga Productions, a 20-minute short titled "The Woodcutter's Treasure," is set to air in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Based on a Saudi Arabian folk tale, the already completed short is aimed at children and families, and available in Japanese and Arabic.

Ske48's New Single To Be Titled 'muishiki No Iro'

SKE48's new single to be titled 'Muishiki no Iro'

The title and center for SKE48's new single that's slated for release on January 10 have been revealed. 

This announcement was made on November 29 during a SHOWROOM program starring SKE48 sub-unit Love Crescendo. After Matsui Jurina reported that all members of Love Crescendo made it into the senbatsu, it was announced that the single would be titled "Muishiki no Iro" and Obata Yuna will serve as center. This will be Obata's second consecutive time as center.

Flumpool's New Single To Be Titled 'toutoi'

flumpool's new single to be titled 'Toutoi'

flumpool's new single to be released on December 27 will be titled "Toutoi."

Besides the title track, the single includes "To be continued…," which is the theme song for anime 'Infini-T Force,' and "WINNER," which is the image song for TBS' 'S☆1.' The single's limited edition will come with a DVD containing solo interviews with the members. It features footage of the members in the studio and out shopping at convenience stores along with a special arrangement of "Toutoi" recorded in one take.

Aiko To Release A New Single Titled 'yokoku'

aiko to release a new single titled 'Yokoku'

aiko will release a new single, titled "Yokoku," on November 29. It will be a year and two months since aiko released her last single "Koi wo Shita no wa" in September of last year. The first pressing will come with a color tray and 8-page booklet.

Itano Tomomi's Ninth Single To Be Titled '#iine!'

Itano Tomomi's ninth single to be titled '#Iine!'

The title of Itano Tomomi's ninth single, to be released on May 17, has been set out to be "#Iine!" The title track will play strikingly on-air on FM yokohama's program "E-ne! ~good for you~" on April 4. 

As it was at that point reported, Itano will hold release events to perceive the entry of this new single. She's currently wanted to hold events on April 8 at Lazona Kawasaki and on April 9 at Morinomiya Q's Mall BASE. Another event date has been incorporated which is April 23 at Eon Laketown kaze in Saitama. 

Keyakizaka46's Fourth Single To Be Titled 'fukyouwaon'

Keyakizaka46's fourth single to be titled 'Fukyouwaon'The title of Keyakizaka46's fourth single has been resolved to be "Fukyouwaon" (April fifth release).
The single will be discharged in Limited Editions Types A-D and a Regular Edition. Various types will incorporate the title track and in addition another tune called "W-KEYAKIZAKA no Shi". The restricted release DVDs will contain distinctive PVs.

Akb48's 'majisuka Gakuen' To Return With A New Series Titled 'kyabasuka Gakuen'

AKB48's 'Majisuka Gakuen' to return with a new series titled 'Kyabasuka Gakuen'Drama 'Kyabasuka Gakuen' starring Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48, AKB48) will premiere on October 29 from 12:55 am.
'Kyabasuka Gakuen' is the new series of AKB48's drama 'Majisuka Gakuen' that first aired back in 2010. In order to save Majisuka Jyogakuen from closing down, 'Sakura' (Miyawaki Sakura), 'Otabe' (Yokoyama Yui), 'Katsuzetsu' (Kodama Haruka), and 'Magic' (Kizaki Yuria) decide to drop out of school and aim to become the No.1 hostess along with 'Center' (Matsui Jurina) who has won the Hostess General Elections three consecutive times.

Nogizaka46's 15th Single To Be Titled 'hadashi De Summer'

Nogizaka46's 15th single to be titled 'Hadashi de Summer'The title of Nogizaka46's 15th single has been determined to be "Hadashi de Summer."
In addition to the title announcement, the girls have revealed the single's jacket covers. With the concept "selfies," the members took selfies during their shoot in early-June. You can take a look at them below.