Year-end Rice-cake Making Event In Tokushima

Year-end rice-cake making event in Tokushima

Residents of the western Japanese city of Tokushima pounded boiled rice into rice cakes during a unique local festival music at an annual year-end event on Friday.

Participants rhythmically pounded rice with a mallet as about 10 members of a local Awa Odori dance festival group played music known as "Zomeki" on three-stringed shamisen, accompanied by gongs and taiko drums.

Awa Odori Dance Festival Kicks Off In Tokushima

Awa Odori dance festival kicks off in Tokushima

One of Japan's most famous mid-summer dance festivals, the Awa Odori, has kicked off in the western city of Tokushima.

At the opening ceremony on Monday, Tokushima Mayor Akiyoshi Endo said he hopes everyone enjoys the annual event.

People In Tokushima Save Stranded Whale

People in Tokushima save stranded whalePeople in a western Japanese city have saved a whale stranded in shallow water.
The whale was found in Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture, at around 9 AM on Wednesday.
It was about 10 meters long. A curator at the Tokushima Prefectural Museum says it appeared to be a sperm whale.

Snow Isolates 196 Locals In Tokushima Pref.

Snow isolates 196 locals in Tokushima Pref.One hundred 96 people in Tokushima Prefecture, western Japan, remain isolated 4 days after a huge snowstorm hit the area.
As of 11 AM on Tuesday, heavy snow and fallen trees were still blocking road access to 119 households in Miyoshi City and nearby towns.

Tokushima Awa Odori Dance Festival In Full Swing Update

Tokushima Awa Odori dance festival in full swing updateIn a scene that would have done Frank Zappa proud, a group of "dancing fools" took to the streets of Tokushima Aug. 12 to kick off Awa Odori, the four-day summer dance festival.

That morning, about 360 dancers, including preschool children, dedicated their dance at a temple and prayed for safety during the festival, held annually in Tokushima Prefecture.

Tokushima Dishes Up Venison To Curb Deer Population

Tokushima dishes up venison to curb deer populationFor years, the city of Mima in Tokushima Prefecture has struggled to deal with an overpopulation of deer, but had no real effective means for reducing their numbers.

Hoping to solve that problem, the city and prefectural governments have donned aprons to dish up recipes for venison.

Tokushima Anime Festival Underw.

Tokushima anime festival underwayA major anime festival is currently running through Oct. 10 in Tokushima on Shikoku Island, western Japan.
More than 20 animated movies including new releases are being screened at indoor and outdoor venues in and around the city of Tokushima during the ''Machi-Asobi vol. 7'' festival that began Friday.