Tottori Kiln Plate Brings Out The White In Red Flounder Dish

Tottori kiln plate brings out the white in red flounder dish

Ichiro Abe, the proprietor of Takumi Kappo, gains inspiration for his menus from the fresh fish and vegetables he sees at the market every morning and even from the dishes he hopes to use.

They include a black bowl produced at the Engoji Kiln in Tottori Prefecture that is simple yet profound, as well as a Yamane Kiln round plate that is a soft opaque white.

Tottori Beef Hotpot Dish Said To Be Origin Of 'shabu-shabu'

Tottori beef hotpot dish said to be origin of 'shabu-shabu'

Philosopher Soetsu Yanagi (1889-1961) discovered the beauty in miscellaneous daily utensils created by anonymous craftsmen in the waning days of the Taisho Era (1912-1926).

More than 90 years later, "mingei" (folk craft) is garnering attention once again.

Whale Shark Found In Tottori River Dies

Whale shark found in Tottori river dies

A whale shark believed to have strayed into a river in Tottori Prefecture, western Japan, has been found dead.

A resident of Kotoura Town found the 5-meter-long shark near the mouth of the Katsutagawa River on Saturday. It reportedly had scars on its tail fin.

Tottori Sets Ordinance To Protect Starry Night For Tourism

Tottori sets ordinance to protect starry night for tourism

TOTTORI--Tourism officials here are making a wish upon a star in a bid to attract sky-watchers to this prefecture known for its sand dunes.

The prefectural assembly in December approved an ordinance to prohibit searchlights and laser devices from encroaching on the star-lit skies. It will go into force in April.

Miniature Trains Available For Demonstration Rides In Tottori

Miniature trains available for demonstration rides in Tottori

YAZU, Tottori Prefecture--A park where visitors can enjoy rides on a wide variety of miniature steam locomotives has opened here.

The Yazu town-run Yazu Mini SL Museum, nicknamed Yazupoppo, opened April 1 on the site of the Funaoka bamboo grove park to exhibit and maintain 17 steam trains that run on coal and other power sources.

Tasty Rice Cakes From Tottori Served In 'furoshiki' Cloth

Tasty rice cakes from Tottori served in 'furoshiki' clothO-buroshiki, a popular confection from Tottori Prefecture, comes wrapped in a "furoshiki" cloth printed in a traditional "karakusa" (arabesque) pattern.
O-buroshiki is a set of "mochi" (rice cakes) covered with "kinako" (sweetened soybean flour). People eat the cakes after topping them with syrup made from the Nijisseiki pear, a renowned local specialty.

Starbucks Opens In Tottori

Starbucks opens in TottoriStarbucks Japan has opened its first outlet in Tottori Prefecture.
Tottori had been the only prefecture in which the coffee chain that runs more than 1,000 outlets across Japan did not have an outlet.