Mitakeumi Wins Autumn Tournament After Playoff

Mitakeumi wins Autumn tournament after playoff

Mitakeumi has won the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament after a playoff with fellow sekiwake Takakeisho.

The two wrestlers and rank-and-filer Okinoumi were tied with 11 wins and three losses after the 14th day.

Nagoya Sumo Tournament Opens

Nagoya sumo tournament opens

The July Grand Sumo Tournament opened on Sunday in the central Japanese city of Nagoya.

Yokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho returned to the ring after skipping the May tournament due to an injury.

Trump Presents Trophy At Sumo Tournament

Trump presents trophy at sumo tournament

US President Donald Trump presented "The United States President's Cup" trophy to the winner of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo on Sunday.

Trump, the first state guest of the new Reiwa era, had earlier played golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and professional golfer Isao Aoki at a course in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo.

Asanoyama Wins First Sumo Tournament

Asanoyama wins first sumo tournament

In sumo, rank-and-file wrestler Asanoyama has clinched his first tournament title.

Asanoyama beat ozeki champion Goeido on day 14 of the Summer Grand Sumo tournament in Tokyo on Saturday. He had been the sole leader going into the bout, with two losses.

Hakuho Wins 42nd Sumo Tournament

Hakuho wins 42nd sumo tournament

Sumo grand champion Hakuho clinched his 42nd title in the spring tournament in Osaka on Sunday. The Mongolian yokozuna beat another grand champion, Kakuryu, in the final bout.

Hakuho finished with a perfect record. Rank-and-file wrestler Ichinojo followed with 14 wins and one loss.

Habu Wins Nhk Shogi Tournament, Sets New Record

Habu wins NHK shogi tournament, sets new record

Professional player Yoshiharu Habu has won the NHK Cup TV Tournament for shogi, or Japanese chess, setting a new record of 45 official competition victories.

The ninth-dan shogi master beat Masataka Goda, who also holds the highest rank, in the final aired on Sunday.

Japan Soccer League To Launch Esports Tournament

Japan soccer league to launch esports tournament

Japan's professional football league will launch an esports league this year in cooperation with a major videogame maker, Konami Digital Entertainment.

J.League and the company announced on Friday that they will co-host the tournament, which will take place in July.

Tamawashi Wins First Sumo Tournament

Tamawashi wins first sumo tournament

In sumo, Tamawashi, a third-ranked Sekiwake wrestler from Mongolia, has clinched his first title.

Tamawashi beat rank-and-file wrestler Endo on the final day of the New Year tournament in Tokyo on Sunday.

Kisenosato Attends Event Ahead Of Tournament

Kisenosato attends event ahead of tournament

In sumo, Yokozuna Grand Champion Kisenosato has attended an event to pray for the safety and success of the New Year tournament that kicks off in Tokyo on Sunday.

Sumo Association Chairman Hakkaku attended the event held on the eve of each tournament as well as high-ranking wrestlers, including Takakeisho, who was promoted to the third-highest rank of Sekiwake after winning the last tournament in November.

Fifa 19 Ps4 Esports Tournament Announced By Ea

FIFA 19 PS4 eSports Tournament Announced By EA

Electronic Arts has announced the launch of a new FIFA 19 eSports tournament for the PlayStation 4. This competition won’t be open to players on any other gaming platform and it begins this Saturday, October 6th. It will be the qualifier for a new tournament called the Continental Cup 2018 Presented by PlayStation which will take place during the Paris Games Week later this month. There are 31 spots available and players will be competing for them in this qualifier.

Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From Tournament

Yokozuna Kakuryu withdraws from tournament

Yokozuna Grand Champion Kakuryu is pulling out of the Nagoya sumo tournament because he has arthritis in his right elbow.

His withdrawal on Friday, the 6th day of the 15-day tourney, leaves it without a Yokozuna. Hakuho and Kisenosato have already pulled out.