Toyota's Developing This Flex-fuel Hybrid Prius In Brazil

Toyota's Developing This Flex-Fuel Hybrid Prius In BrazilSift through all the various "environmentally friendly," renewable alternative propulsion methods proliferating throughout the automotive industry today, and two that you’ll find are hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles. Now Toyota’s bringing them together.

Toyota's Staying In Lmp1 For At Least Another Year

Toyota's Staying In LMP1 For At Least Another Year

The biggest question mark hanging over the future of endurance racing has been answered as Toyota has confirmed it'll continue racing for at least another season.

With Porsche, Audi, Nissan, and Peugeot all having packed up and left in recent years, Toyota's announcement leaves it as the last major manufacturers competing in the hybrid LMP1 class at Le Mans and the broader FIA World Endurance Championship of which it is part.

Toyota's 86 Performance Kit Adds Tons Of Stuff, Except, Well...performance

Toyota's 86 Performance Kit Adds Tons Of Stuff, Except, Well...Performance

Ever since it was launched, both the Press and the public have been clamoring for Toyota to make the 86 more powerful, but the company didn't satisfy their requests.

What they did recently was the introduction of a performance kit in Australia. Offered on the GTS and GT grades, regardless of the selected transmission, it adds an AUD $2,200 and $2,900 (USD $1,665 - $2,195) premium respectively, and comes with a number of mechanical and visual enhancements.

Alonso Successfully Completes Test With Toyota's Lmp1 Prototype

Alonso Successfully Completes Test With Toyota's LMP1 Prototype

Fernando Alonso has inched closer to his dream of competing at the Le Mans 24 Hours, completing a day of testing with Toyota in Bahrain.

Throughout the day, the Spaniard did over 100 laps, setting a best lap time of 1 min 43.013 seconds, six tenths shy of the best time achieved by Toyota LMP1 driver Mike Conway in the same conditions.

Toyota's Pulling The Prius V From The Us Market

Toyota's Pulling The Prius V From The US Market

Have you had trouble wrapping your head around the Toyota Prius V? Well soon that won't be a problem, because Toyota's pulling that particular model from the US market.

A sort of wagon/minivan version of the Japanese automaker's signature dedicated hybrid, the Prius V lags as the slowest-selling member of the Prius family. Last month, Toyota sold only 652 of them in the United States, ahead even of the Prius C hatchback's 900.

Toyota's New Century Flagship Loses V12 In Favor Of Hybrid V8

Toyota's new Century flagship loses V12 in favor of hybrid V8

As luxury cars come, the Toyota Century has occupied its own very special niche. There haven't been that many generations of the Century built since the first version was unveiled 50 years ago: The initial car survived with relatively minor changes until 1997, and the second generation was at a glance nearly identical, except for one noteworthy thing — the V12 engine. Unlike the first, V8-engined Centuries, the 1997-2016 car was powered by a five-liter 12-cylinder, which produced 280 horsepower (of course it did). That engine was Toyota's first V12, and it made the Century the sole Japanese V12 production car. And now it is no more, as the new Century for the new century again makes do with a V8 engine, albeit with hybrid tech. The change is in favor of improved fuel consumption.

The new 2018 Century will be formally introduced in the Tokyo Motor Show. And very formal it is, with the lines drawn in conservative fashion, the design treading somewhere near recent Rolls-Royces and classic Lincoln Continentals. You couldn't mistake it for anything else, and the cloth interior in the sumptuously equipped car is worth noting: no noisy leather for the discerning customer. There's plenty of legroom available thanks to the wheelbase of over 10 feet, and audio and air conditioning can be controlled from the rear seat via the prominent touchscreen. The car will be made available to customers in mid-2018; traditionally, Japanese politicians and industry leaders have been seen traveling in a Toyota Century. There is also a custom-made royal edition, which still uses the V12 engine.

Toyota's Calls Quits On Australian Production After 54 Years

Toyota's Calls Quits On Australian Production After 54 Years

After 54 long years, Toyota has officially ended production in Australia following the closure of the Altona plant near Melbourne.

With Toyota ending manufacturing in Australia and Ford’s similar move in October last year, Holden remains the only major automaker still operating a manufacturing plant in the country. However, the local arm of General Motors will shut up shop on October 20.

Gazoo! Toyota's Launching A Whole Mess Of Gr Performance Models

Gazoo! Toyota's Launching A Whole Mess Of GR Performance Models

With the launch of the Yaris GRMN, Toyota's showing that it's getting serious – dead serious – about creating performance versions of some of its mainstream models. But that's not the end of it. In fact, as this latest announcement goes to show, it's just the beginning.

The Japanese automaker is aligning its performance offerings in a new hierarchy that's already yielding new performance models – in Japan at least, and soon for other markets as well.

Toyota's 2018 Rav4 Adventure Starts From $28,695

Toyota's 2018 RAV4 Adventure Starts From $28,695

Aimed at those looking to travel beyond the comfort of tarmac, the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure is getting ready to arrive at dealers this month.

Presented earlier this year during the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, the rugged version of the popular SUV will set its future buyers back at least $28,695, including the $995 destination charge, CarsDirect reports.

Toyota's Flying Car Project Takes A Tentative Test Flight

Toyota's flying car project takes a tentative test flight

Toyota is working on developing flying cars, with the aim of having a single driver vehicle ready to fly in time for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The idea is that a small flying car will be able to smoothly transition from driving to the skies, in order to delivery the Olympic torch for its last leg to officially open the games. The project isn't yet ready to dazzle the world, as you can see in the Associated Press video above. This early prototype of the car is basically structural scaffolding, batteries and rotors, but it does manage to get about head height before ungracefully returning to earth. The flying car is being created in partnership with Cartivator Resource Management, a small tech company that Toyota invested nearly $400,000 in to help bring this project to life. This test flight took place at a school field in central Japan, near Toyota's own home base. Toyota has been exploring a range of new tech and transportation options, including luxury yachts under its Lexus brand. The company is also re-imagining itself as an energy concern -- though it just ended a partnership with Tesla it had entered into to co-develop electric vehicle technologies last week. Next steps for the flying car project include refining the design using the new money invested by Toyota, and hoping to fly with a pilot on board sometime in 2019, ahead of the intended launch of a fully functional vehicle in time for Tokyo's 2020 Olympic games.