Toyota's Next Small Crossover Could Be The Tj Cruiser

Toyota's next small crossover could be the TJ CruiserA trademark application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office hints that a vehicle based on the Toyota FT-4X Concept may be headed for production. But it won't be called FT-4X (good riddance). Instead, Toyota may riff on the deceased-but-still-loved FJ Cruiser by naming its smaller 'ute the TJ Cruiser.

Remember, the FJ Cruiser was intended to evoke the memory of Toyota's famed FJ Land Cruiser series, which were (and still are) legendary for their off-road prowess and durability. The FJ had some legitimate off-road chops, too, but don't expect the same kind of mission statement from the TJ Cruiser, if it ever does hit the showroom floor. The FT-4X was marketed toward Millennials – which didn't sit well with some of us – and the TJ Cruiser would likely go down a similar path as a small, utilitarian crossover.

Toyota's Ft-4x Concept Learned The Wrong Lessons From The Honda Element Experiment

Toyota's FT-4X concept learned the wrong lessons from the Honda Element experiment

When you build a car, there are three groups of people that matter – a love triangle, if everything goes well. There are the marketers who figure out how to sell what the carmaker builds, the critics (read: us) who leverage our experience and knowledge to grade the thing, and then there's the buyer. The latter is by far the most important to a car's success, or failure.

To understand the challenges facing the FT-4X (if it eventually becomes a production model), you need to understand what happens when things get misaligned between these three groups. Maybe the famous Pontiac Aztek comes to mind – it was notoriously the product of the marketers who obstinately insisted that the vehicle would work great for the target demographic. Critics and buyers both panned it; sales fell woefully short of the target, and it shuffled into its punchline afterlife.

Denso's Plant-derived Pc Resin Employed For Toyota's Car Navigation System

Denso's Plant-derived PC Resin Employed for Toyota's Car Navigation System

Denso Corp announced March 21, 2017, that plant-derived polycarbonate (PC) resin developed by the company has been employed for a car navigation system of Toyota Motor Corp.

Specifically, the PC resin was employed for the frame (bezel) of "Entry Navi" (NSCD-W66), which is manufactured by Denso. Before the employment of the plant-derived PC resin, oil-derived PC resin was used.

Toyota's Most Recent Half And Half Is A Boat

Toyota's most recent mixture is a boat

Toyota declared that it has built up a crossover watercraft. Called the PONAM-28V, Toyota claims it is the principal parallel cross breed watercraft in Japan. It utilizes a blend of a 256-pull inward ignition motor and a 48-strength electric engine that additionally makes 258 pound-feet of torque. For power stockpiling, it has a 11 kWh lithium-particle battery. Among the advantages Toyota records are enhanced mileage and emanations, and furthermore calm operation when running in electric mode.

To help with the testing procedure, Toyota will give these 28-footers to the Tokyo government at no cost. The legislature will utilize the pontoons to direct support at Port of Tokyo offices, and for transporting individuals to various 2020 Olympic destinations around Tokyo Bay. The administration will likewise give channel visits the Toyotas. What Toyota gets from this testing is information and input from the administration on how the vessel performs and how it can be improved.

Fuso Cuts Weight Of Truck Engine By 40% Without Lowering Output

Fuso Cuts Weight of Truck Engine by 40% Without Lowering Output

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp (Fuso) reported Feb 28, 2017, that it has grown new 7.7L and 10.7L diesel motors for trucks.

They are in-line six-barrel motors outfitted with a turbocharger. The mass of the 7.7L motor is around 40% littler than that of the past model while its yield is the same as that of the past model. Both of the motors will be utilized for the new "Super Great" truck, which will be discharged in April to June 2017.

Toyota's New Diesel Engine Complies With Multiple Exhaust Gas Regulations

Toyota's New Diesel Engine Complies With Multiple Exhaust Gas RegulationsToyota Motor Corp employed a newly-developed 2.8L in-line four-cylinder diesel engine, "1GD-FTV," for the new Hilux pickup truck that it announced in Thailand May 21, 2015.
Toyota enabled to drive the truck in both emerging and developed countries without changing its specifications. Also, the company improved thermal efficiency by 15% or more this time, compared with the previous (1KD-FTV) engine. The maximum thermal efficiency of the new engine is 44%.

12 Toyotas Embracing The Christmas Spirit

12 Toyotas embracing the Christmas spiritThe nights are dark and the weather’s getting colder, but all is not lost as it’s nearly Christmas. To get you in the mood – assuming of course that you aren’t already – here’s some corking photos and videos of Toyotas decking the proverbial halls.

Change Agent: Toyota’s Vp Of African American Business Strategy Is Locked In On A Changing Consumer Landscape

Change Agent: Toyota’s VP of African American Business Strategy is Locked In on a Changing Consumer LandscapeAfter James Colon received an honorary doctorate degree during Grambling State University’s commencement ceremony on May 9, he looked out at the Class of 2014.
It’s his job to predict what these students will want two, five, 10 years from now because he’s seen the stats: 98 percent of Toyota’s future growth will come from diverse ethnic backgrounds.