First Look At Toyota’s ‘ecoful’ Town Of The Future

First look at Toyota’s ‘Ecoful’ Town of the FutureAndrew English reports from Toyota City in Japan on Toyota’s vision for greener living.
It’s three o’clock on a wet and sultry October afternoon in Toyota City just outside Nagora in Japan. These are not the best conditions for generating solar power, but Toyota’s house is just about holding its own against the light and scant air conditioning requirements of a host of foreign journalists.

Toyota's Refreshed Sai Is A Lexus Hs By Any Other Name

Toyota Fashions 2014 Sai Facelift After the Camry and CorollaToyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces the launch in Japan of the partially redesigned "Sai" hybrid sedan. Sales began today through Toyota dealerships across Japan.

The Sai was first launched in 2009, with the name and concept taken from two different Chinese written characters (both pronounced "sai") meaning talent and coloration.