Japan Wants China To Resolve Trade Row With Us

Japan wants China to resolve trade row with US

A delegation of Japanese business leaders on an annual visit to China has told Chinese Premier Li Keqiang they want Beijing to settle its trade dispute with the US.

A group from the Japan-China Economic Association met Li in Beijing on Wednesday. Association head Shoji Muneoka said he hopes the world's two largest economies will hold negotiations to resolve their dispute.

Trade Minister Comments On Wto Ruling

Trade minister comments on WTO ruling

Japan's trade minister, Hiroshige Seko, issued a statement following the WTO Appellate Body's report.

Seko said the government will keep urging South Korea to sincerely and quickly correct measures that are not consistent with WTO rules to put an end to the unjust practices against Japanese businesses.

Wto: S.korean Valve Tariffs Violate Trade Rules

WTO: S.Korean valve tariffs violate trade rules

The World Trade Organization has ruled that South Korea's tariffs on Japanese industrial valves are in breach of international trade rules.

The WTO Appellate Body issued a report on Tuesday calling on South Korea to correct the practice, upholding a ruling by a lower panel in Japan's favor.

Trade Dispute Effects Show Up In Official Stats

Trade dispute effects show up in official stats

The fallout from a trade spat between Japan and South Korea is starting to show up in data from the Japanese government.

The statistics indicate exports of a high-tech material from Japan to South Korea were down more than 80 percent in July from the previous month.

Japan Ends South Korea's Preferential Trade Status

Japan ends South Korea's preferential trade status

Japan has officially removed South Korea from a list of trading partners entitled to simplified export procedures, further escalating an ongoing feud between the two countries. South Korea's Prime Minister is vowing to fight the move.

Under the new regulations, some companies will need to submit extra paperwork, slowing the export process.

Japan Ends Preferential Trade Status For S.korea

Japan ends preferential trade status for S.Korea

Japan has removed South Korea from a list of trading partners entitled to simplified export procedures. Some companies may need to submit extra paperwork, depending on the items they want to sell.

An ordinance that took effect on Wednesday ranks South Korea in Group B, the second-highest among four newly created categories. Nations in Group A are entitled to simplified procedures.

Abe,trump To Aim To Sign Trade Deal Next Month

Abe,Trump to aim to sign trade deal next month

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump have agreed to seek the conclusion and signing of a trade deal at a bilateral summit next month.

The two leaders met twice for talks in France on Sunday on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit. It is unusual for the two leaders to meet twice in such a short period of time.

Trump, Abe Agree On Bilateral Trade Deal

Trump, Abe agree on bilateral trade deal

US President Donald Trump says he and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have agreed on a basic trade deal. He expects the trade agreement with Japan to be signed next month.

Abe and Trump held talks in France on Sunday on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit. They reportedly discussed the broad agreement reached at the ministerial trade talks in Washington, and the schedule for the conclusion of the new trade deal.

Japan To Confirm Specifics Of S.korea Trade Move

Japan to confirm specifics of S.Korea trade move

A senior Japanese foreign ministry official says Tokyo will decide how to respond to South Korea's latest trade move after learning the specifics.

South Korea announced on Monday it is removing Japan from a list of nations that receive preferential trade treatment in September.

Seko Wants Reasons For S.korean Trade Measures

Seko wants reasons for S.Korean trade measures

Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Seko says Japan will closely monitor South Korea's move to remove Tokyo from its list of trusted trading partners.

Seoul's announcement on Friday that it will tighten controls on exports to Japan followed Tokyo's decision earlier in the day to strip South Korea of its preferential trade status.

Motegi, Lighthizer Agree To Speed Up Trade Talks

Motegi, Lighthizer agree to speed up trade talks

Japan and the United States returned to the table for another round of trade talks in Washington on Thursday.

After the first day of discussions, Japan's top negotiator Toshimitsu Motegi told news media that the two sides were making progress.

Tokyo To Strip Seoul Of Preferential Trade Status

Tokyo to strip Seoul of preferential trade status

Japan's Cabinet is set to strip South Korea of its preferential trade status amid increasingly strained relations by approving an ordinance revision on Friday.

The revision would remove South Korea from Japan's list of nations entitled to simplified export procedures.

Sony Says Playstation Could Get Expensive Due To Trade War

Sony Says PlayStation Could Get Expensive Due To Trade War

Sony has reached the impressive milestone of selling 100 million units of the PlayStation but it sees dark clouds ahead as it looks towards the future. The company has warned that the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China could result in the price of its consoles going up.

Sony’s financial boss Hiroki Totoki has said that if the United States expands tariffs on Chinese products, it would likely result in a price increase for PlayStation consoles. Totoki says that Sony is considering a number of options to deal with this eventuality and that passing that additional cost on to the customers is one such option.