Making Traditional Hand-crafted Lanterns As Commercial Products

Making traditional hand-crafted lanterns as commercial productsTraditional Japanese lanterns are usually made of paper. But Usa Lantern makes and sells lanterns made of vinyl, which can stand up to wind and rain. Japanese lanterns are made by a single craftsman from start to finish, but Usa Lantern has devised a system that divides the task into three processes. This increases productivity significantly.

Hitachiomiya: 'peace' Of Paper Found In A Traditional Way

Hitachiomiya: 'Peace' of paper found in a traditional wayFor many, “washi” is an unfamiliar word. It was new to me until I visited Hitachiomiya, a town in northern Ibaraki Prefecture. Hitachiomiya might not be well known but it definitely has its charms. It is a farming town with old homes, rice fields, and open blue skies, but if you look carefully there is so much more to see.

'nebuta' Artist Takenami Shines Light On Future Of Traditional Floats

'Nebuta' artist Takenami shines light on future of traditional floats"Nebuta" artist Hiroo Takenami is deeply concerned for the future of the traditional floats and the famed Aomori Nebuta Festival.
Takenami is advocating what he calls "Nebuta style" to develop and spread information about nebuta-related merchandise. His hope is that the proceeds will help pay the living expenses of nebuta artists and carry on the culture of the Aomori Nebuta.

Kyoto Moves To Promote Traditional Cuisine With 'college Of Washoku'

Kyoto moves to promote traditional cuisine with 'college of washoku'A major push is under way in this city known for its high cuisine to set up a college dedicated to promoting “washoku” dishes that are a staple of dinner tables across Japan.
The project is the brainchild of publicly-run Kyoto Prefectural University in Sakyo Ward here. It aims to establish an institute of higher education to nurture experts who can disseminate Japan’s traditional food culture to the rest of the world.

Progressively Traditional: The All-new Mazda Mx-5

Progressively traditional: the all-new Mazda MX-5The fourth generation of Mazda’s iconic roadster goes back to its roots yet is more advanced than ever. Paradox? Not at all. In fact, we believe the all-new MX-5 delivers a perfect balance of Mazda’s patented Jinba Ittai driving fun with comfort and convenience, all in an aggressively charming design. And with the most fuel-efficient powertrains ever.

Next Honda Ridgeline Adopting Traditional Truck Style

Next Honda Ridgeline Adopting Traditional Truck StyleHonda is hard at work on an all-new Ridgeline and is searching for new ways to turn the truck into a success.
To improve its sales the next-generation Ridgeline will have to be somewhat different than the current model. “No one wants to have to explain why they bought what they bought,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda.

Photo: Traditional Japanese Umbrellas Are Dried In The Sun Before The Rains Come

PHOTO: Traditional Japanese umbrellas are dried in the sun before the rains comeAhead of rainy season, Japanese-style umbrellas, or "wagasa," which are traditional local craft products of Nakatsu, northern Oita Prefecture, were drying in the sun in recent days before completion.
The Nakatsu wagasa is placed in the sun for 10 days after being coated with perilla oil. Before the coating, it also has to undergo about 60 processes, including framing and covering the frame with traditional “washi” Japanese paper.