Modern Technology Enhances Flavor Of Traditional 'gozaemon-zushi'

Modern technology enhances flavor of traditional 'Gozaemon-zushi'Tottori Prefecture’s signature rolled sushi, known as “Gozaemon-zushi,” dates back about 300 years.
Rolled with "konbu" (kelp), Gozaemon-zushi has the rich savory flavor of local chub mackerel and the subtle tartness of vinegar rice, which create a perfect harmony of flavors.

Traditional Candy That Plays Games With Your Taste Buds

Traditional candy that plays games with your taste budsWagashi Asobi got its name just right: It serves up traditional Japanese "wagashi" sweets imbued with a playful ("asobi") spirit.
The first of its specialties is "yokan" (bean-paste jelly) containing dried fruits. When a block of the yokan is sliced, the cut side looks like an abstract painting.

Traditional Sock Maker Believes Beauty Starts At The Feet

Traditional sock maker believes beauty starts at the feetOnoya Sohonten Co. offers traditional Japanese "tabi" split-toe socks in a surprising and colorful array of designs.
One pair inspired by Sukeroku, a chivalrous character from a kabuki story, comes in egg yolk color. Another pair themed on a comical "yakko" samurai man servant comes in a purple color scheme.

Traditional Japanese Artisan Firm Teams Up With Italy's Gucci

Traditional Japanese artisan firm teams up with Italy's GucciA collaboration between a centuries-old Japanese artisan house and renowned Italian fashion giant Gucci has resulted in a runaway success.
Kofu's Inden-ya Uehara Yushichi Co. has teamed with Gucci designers to create a limited edition women's handbag that quickly sold out at Gucci's shop in Tokyo's fashionable Ginza shopping district.