Old Nissan Ev Batteries Power Opus Camping Trailer For A Week

Old Nissan EV batteries power Opus camping trailer for a week

One of the less-talked about aspects of electric cars is what we'll do with batteries once they've worn down. Nissan has come up with a clever idea for how they could be used to provide power while camping, and it teamed with trailer manufacturer Opus to show it off.

The solution in question is called the Nissan ROAM, and it's a little cube full of old lithium-ion battery cells from "first-generation Nissan electric vehicles," which we assume includes the original Nissan Leaf, that hooks up to the Air Opus trailer shown above. This bundle of cells can store up to 700Wh of electricity, and can provide power output up to 1kW. It features a variety of outlets for powering small devices and appliances, and supplies power to the onboard lights and heating.

Check Out The Trailer For Akanishi Jin's Live Blu-ray & Dvd

Check out the trailer for Akanishi Jin's live Blu-ray & DVD

A trailer for Akanishi Jin's live Blu-ray / DVD "JIN AKANISHI JINDEPENDENCE TOUR 2018" (March 13 release) has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

The Blu-ray & DVD features footage from Akanishi's first live house tour. In the trailer, you can hear clips of "Let Me Talk To U," "Lucky," and "Murasaki."

Nissan Altima Plows Under Ram Pulling Trailer In Bizarre Accident

Nissan Altima plows under Ram pulling trailer in bizarre accident

If you've ever wondered whether it's possible to wedge a Nissan Altima underneath both a Ram pickup and a camper trailer it was towing, well, here's your confirmation.

The improbable accident happened earlier this month in Virginia Beach, Va., on westbound Interstate 264. Virginia State Police tell WAVY-TV the 2011 Ram and its four occupants was pulling a travel trailer when the trailer's brakes locked up, stranding them in the second lane of traffic.

[alexandros] Reveal Trailer For New Album

[ALEXANDROS] reveal trailer for new album

[ALEXANDROS] have revealed the trailer for their new album "Sleepless in Brooklyn" to be released on November 21. 

The album includes "Mosquito Bite," which is the theme song for the movie 'BLEACH,' "Hanauta," which is the CM song for Tokyo Metro's 'Find my Tokyo.' and their new song "Arpeggio," which will be used in the PlayStation 4 software 'JUDGE EYES: Shinigami no Igon.' The trailer features a clip of these songs and more.

Civilization Vi For Nintendo Switch Trailer Released

Civilization VI For Nintendo Switch Trailer Released

Last week it was announced that Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. For those who are curious about what the game will look like, you might be pleased to learn that during Nintendo’s recent Direct presentation, the company has since released a trailer for the upcoming game.

For the most part Civilization 6 on the Switch will look like the version that gamers have come to know and love ever since it was first launched in 2016. According to Nintendo, “Whether it’s at home, on the road, or wherever else you play, make your mark on history with Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch. Explore the world, advance your culture, wage war, and make peace as you compete against history’s most renowned leaders to build an empire that will stand the test of time.”

New Trailer For Sony's 'venom' Movie Released

New Trailer For Sony's 'Venom' Movie Released

Several months ago when the first Venom trailer from Sony was released, it didn't really show us much of Venom, but rather it showed us more of Tom Hardy who plays as Eddie Brock in the movie. For those who are itching to see more of Venom, you'll be pleased to learn that the second trailer is more than happy to oblige.

Sony has since released a new trailer for the upcoming movie and we get more glimpses of Venom in this one. While Venom is technically part of the Spiderverse, Sony's movie carries a darker tone compared to the ones put out of Marvel, like in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen, but Tom Hardy's movies have typically been well-received so perhaps this could work.

Check Out The Trailer For Akanishi Jin's Rearrange Album

Check out the trailer for Akanishi Jin's rearrange album

Akanishi Jin has uploaded a trailer video for his rearrange album "A la carte" (August 1 release). 

The album is comprised of Akanishi's hit tracks rearranged by himself. It will be available in three different versions: Regular Edition, Limited Edition, and UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Edition. In the trailer, you can see clips from his PV for "Feelin'" as well as live footage from his concert at Makuhari Event Hall. 

Someone At Sony Uploaded An Entire Film Instead Of A Trailer On Youtube

Someone At Sony Uploaded An Entire Film Instead Of A Trailer On YouTube

YouTube is the main destination for promoting movie trailers as people flock to the video sharing website to find out more information about new and upcoming films. Sony Pictures Entertainment was supposedly going to launch the official red band trailer for Khali the Killer on YouTube today but it ended up doing more than that. Someone at Sony apparently uploaded the entire movie on YouTube instead of the trailer.

The video that was uploaded in place of the trailer was an hour and a half long because it was actually the full movie. It was uploaded on the official Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube page and remained online for a few hours after ultimately being taken down.

Gameplay Trailer Of Ps4 Exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima Released

Gameplay Trailer Of PS4 Exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima Released

The makers of the popular Infamous series of superhero games have been working on a new title called Ghost of Tsushima that’s going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. The first gameplay trailer for this seemingly impressive game was revealed during E3 2018 in Los Angeles and it certainly seems promising.

Ghost of Tsushima is set in feudal Japan and promises plenty of action to players. The trailer itself is set during a Mongol invasion with the main character getting on a horse and going after enemies with plenty of sword attacks. It was certainly one of the goriest trailers showcased at E3 2018.

Radwimps Reveal Trailer For 'catharsis' Pv

RADWIMPS reveal trailer for 'Catharsis' PV

RADWIMPS' latest single "Catharsis" was released on June 6, and now, the trailer for its PV has been revealed on YouTube. 

"Catharsis" was written as the theme song for Fuji TV's soccer broadcast. The PV features scenes of a story that portrays the song's worldview along with scenes of the members performing while being surrounded by dancers.

Watch The Trailer For The 3rd Season Of 'attack On Titan'

Watch the trailer for the 3rd season of 'Attack on Titan'

The visual and trailer for the third season of 'Shingeki no Kyojin' ('Attack on Titan') has been revealed.

The key visual features Historia in the middle with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and other main characters surrounding her. The trailer features Kenny Ackerman who was standing face to face against Levi in the last visual. 

Official Trailer For Sony's 'venom' Movie Released

Official Trailer For Sony's 'Venom' Movie Released

The Venom character from the Marvel comics, also known as one of Spider-Man's iconic villains and sometimes anti-hero, has appeared on the big screen before, but never in his own movie. As some of you guys might have heard, Sony will be releasing a Venom movie later this year starring Tom Hardy in the titular role, and it looks like the trailer for the film has finally been released.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn't really tell us a lot and just shows us various scenes of cars exploding and a lot of chaos, but we never actually see Hardy morph into Venom, and we only get a glimpse of the symbiote, so as to how Hardy looks like as Venom is really anyone's guess at this point in time. Presumably there will be a lot of CG used.