View From A Train Can't Be Beat In Northern Hokkaido

View from a train can't be beat in northern HokkaidoA seat with a view of the Sea of Okhotsk and the majestic sight of ice floes stretching across the horizon. A cup of hot tea, served in the style of traditional Japanese hospitality, would fit in just perfectly on a winter trip through the great north.

Tokyo Disneyland To Open New Goofy Attraction In August

Tokyo Disneyland to open new Goofy attraction in AugustTokyo Disneyland will open a new attraction called Goofy's Paint and Play House on Aug. 24, the theme park's operator Oriental Land Co. said Monday.   During a ride lasting one to two minutes, up to eight persons are able to redecorate the house of the Goofy dog character by using a simulated spray paint system to paint its walls and furniture.

Japanese Adventurer Ready For Unassisted Solo Trek To North Pole

Japanese adventurer ready for unassisted solo trek to North PoleAn adventurer from Hokkaido plans to set out in March from an island in northern Canada on solo, unassisted trek on foot across about 800 kilometers of Arctic ice to the North Pole.   If he succeeds, Yasunaga Ogita, a 34-year-old resident of the Hokkaido town of Takasu, would be the fourth person in the world and the first in Japan to accomplish an unassisted trek to the North Pole.

Kidzania Tokyo Offers Kids Experience Paying Taxes

KidZania Tokyo offers kids experience paying taxesKidZania Tokyo, a theme park where kids can role-play in various jobs in the capital's Koto Ward, launched Wednesday a new week-long attraction for children to experience paying taxes.   Children paid ''taxes'' at the ''tax office pavilion'' from ''income'' they earned from other KidZania attractions, where they can experience working in various professions such as a doctor, a firefighter and newspaper reporter.

Colorful History Of Former Red-light District In Osaka Still Glows

Colorful history of former red-light district in Osaka still glowsA change in elevation serves as a natural border for Abeno and Nishinari Wards here, and the change in the city's character is notable. In Abeno on the east, high-rise apartments and large shopping centers sit on high ground. While in Nishinari in the west, lies the Tobita area, once a large red-light district. Here the shops in the streets seem to reject modern style.

Zojirushi, Cafes Eye Spreading Services For Flask Users

Zojirushi, cafes eye spreading services for flask usersCafes and thermos flask maker Zojirushi Corp. have been cooperating to spread drink services for personal flask users at cafes in Japan.   At Mikiya Coffee ALBi, a cafe near the JR Osaka station, the prices of drinks are set 50 yen lower for filling personal flasks than for regularly served drinks.

Aomori Promotes Mystery Spots As Tourist Attractions

Aomori promotes mystery spots as tourist attractionsAomori Prefecture in northeastern Japan is promoting local areas with mysterious characteristics as ''power spots'' for tourists.   The prefectural government has picked 58 such locations -- 37 power spots that said to be a source of healing power and energy, including the hallow ground on Mt. Osore in the city of Mutsu, and 21 mystery zones, including ''Jesus Christ's grave'' in the village of Shingo.

White Starfish On Display At Tottori Aquarium

White starfish on display at Tottori aquariumA rare white starfish has been on display at Tottori Karo Crab Aquarium in Tottori, intriguing visitors to the aquarium in western Japan.   This type of starfish is commonly seen at beaches to show various colors, usually bluish-green and orange, but this one, measuring about 4.5 centimeters from its center to the furthest tips, is completely white.

Gilded Dish From Ishikawa Picked Best Souvenir For Foreigners

Gilded dish from Ishikawa picked best souvenir for foreignersA gilded traditional fan-shaped dish of Ishikawa Prefecture was chosen Friday as the most attractive Japanese souvenir for foreign visitors by panels of foreign and Japanese judges, the Japan Tourism Agency said.

The golden dish emblazoned with seasonal flowers in the center named ''Shiki,'' meaning four seasons, seized the grand prize among 720 items submitted to the Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest of this year, according to the agency.

Mt. Hakkoda-san

Mt. Hakkoda-sanVolcanic eruptions responsible for phenomenal geography. Virgin forests, alpine plants, swamps, and marshes co-exist.

Mt. Hakkoda-san is the name given to a range of dormant volcanoes in central Aomori. The volcanoes consist of Kita (northern) Hakkoda, whose main peak is O-dake, and Minami (southern) Hakkoda, whose main peak is Kushi-ga-mine.