Japan's Youngsters Tap The Latest Fashion And Makeup Trends Via Social Media

New generation rides Korean wave / Japan's youngsters tap the latest fashion and makeup trends via social mediaIn Japan, South Korea is booming once again.

Previously, it was TV drama "Winter Sonata" that captivated middle-aged and elderly Japanese women. But now, it's teenage girls and women in their 20s who are at the center of a cultural wave known as Hallyu. These women use social media to adopt South Korean makeup and fashion trends.

Trends Of Finding Auto Parts Online

Trends of finding auto parts onlineNow everything can be purchased through the network, online shopping has become a fashion. We gathered together lots of friends previously for weekend shopping, now a network cable could connect the entire world. Although currently the reality of purchasing cars online is still not be easily achieved, while for private owners to shop auto parts online is very easy to implement.

Makeup Trends Reflect Tone Of Each Era

Makeup trends reflect tone of each eraThe Japanese cosmetics industry was abuzz last year with the news: Red lipstick was back in style! Women are once again starting to wear red, the de rigueur color during the asset-inflated economy of the late 1980s to early '90s. Some say this reflects a growing sense that Japan is finally emerging from a long period of deflation.

Video : Motor Trend's The Deal, Starring The Infiniti Q50

VIDEO : Motor Trend's The Deal, starring the Infiniti Q50Fast money. Menacing streets. One way out. Check out the short film from Motor Trend, starring the Infiniti Q50.

The driving in this film was performed on a closed course with professional supervision. Driving is serious business. Always obey all traffic laws and drive safely. Only use your cell phone and digital services when safe to do so.

Nichicon Charging Systems For Evs Latest Trends And Efforts Towards Proliferation

Nichicon Charging Systems for EVs Latest Trends and Efforts Towards ProliferationThe new Japanese government that took power at the end of 2012 announced a long-term strategy made up of a three-pronged approach: bold monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy, and a growth strategy that encourages private sector investment. Based on this approach, the government approved a fiscal 2012 supplementary budget of ¥100.5 billion for a project to promote development of charging infrastructure for next-generation vehicles such as EVs (electric vehicles) and PHVs (plug-in hybrid vehicles).