Japan, S.korea To Try To Solve Wartime Labor Issue

Japan, S.Korea to try to solve wartime labor issue

Senior diplomats from Japan and South Korea say they will keep communicating to resolve a dispute over wartime labor, which is one of the issues that have strained bilateral ties.

Shigeki Takizaki, the director general of the Japanese Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau and Kim Jung-han, the South Korean Foreign Ministry's director general for Asian and Pacific affairs met in Tokyo on Friday.

Children Try To Help Foreign Tourists In English

Children try to help foreign tourists in English

Elementary and junior high school students in Japan's northern prefecture of Miyagi have practiced helping foreign tourists visiting a popular cherry blossom viewing spot.

About 250,000 people visit the Hitome Senbon-zakura area every year, where there are many cherry trees along the Shiroishi riverside. More and more foreign tourists are visiting the cherry blossom spot from Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries.

5 Things To Try In Portal Knights, Out Today On Ps4

5 Things to Try in Portal Knights, Out Today on PS4Hi – I'm Antonela, Community Manager here at 505 Games. Today, we're celebrating the launch of our action RPG sandbox title, Portal Knights, on PlayStation 4.

Portal Knights began as an Early Access project. A title that would be built with our community, for our community. To see our creation now on console is just super exciting for the entire team! We basically started off with a blank canvas. With a vision in mind, we began bringing the idea of Portal Knights to life, applied a layer of paint, then opened our doors to our community to get their feedback and suggestions. Over the last 15 months, we've been listening to our players, made changes and added a bunch of awesome new features in response. Now we have a painting to be proud of!

Honda Will Try To Break Fwd 'ring Record With 2017 Civic Type R

Honda will try to break FWD 'Ring record with 2017 Civic Type REven as wintertime slowly envelops us, we're planning for next year's outings. Carmakers are no exception, and Honda has its eyes on a Nürburgring record attempt with the new 2017 Civic Type R. Volkswagen currently holds the FWD Nordschleife laptime record with its Golf GTI Clubsport S, and Honda is eager to beat VW in 2017.

Try A Bite Of Emergency Food At Gunma Volcano Restaurant

Try a bite of emergency food at Gunma volcano restaurantVisitors shouldn’t expect regular food at a restaurant that has opened near Mt. Asama. The items served here are an array of emergency meals that are tastier than many people might think.
The restaurant, called Kazan, is housed within the Asama volcano museum in the village of Tsumagoi, Gunma Prefecture. The museum is run by the neighboring Naganohara town government to convey the history of Mt. Asama’s eruptions and its volcanic mechanism.

City Promoters Try To Boost Unpopular Local Mascot In National Contest

City promoters try to boost unpopular local mascot in national contestWith an eye on this year's "Yuru-kyara Grand Prix," a local mascot popularity contest, officials here are trying to boost the fallen ranking of Yanagawa's local symbol, "Koppori."
Koppori was created in 2011, and is supposed to be a magical being that protects the local waterways. Koppori has participated in the popularity contest for four years in a row since 2012, but while it took 61st place that year, by 2015 it had plummeted all the way down to 1,305th.

School Teachers’ Try For Using Manzai For Education

School teachers’ try for using manzai for educationA duo consisting of the principal and vice principal of a local high school participated in the M-1 Grand Prix 2015, a manzai comedy championship currently under way, to help contribute to designing a school class intended for developing students’ communication skills and creativity through making manzai pieces.

Rugby : Japan To Try For History, Aims For ‘last 8’

Japan to try for history, aims for ‘last 8’The Rugby World Cup will kick off today in England. Japan, which has appeared in all of the past seven tournaments since 1987, has set a goal of reaching the knockout stage for the first time. Meanwhile, New Zealand seeks to become the first team to win back-to-back titles, while England prepares to grab its second Webb Ellis Cup on home soil.

Alonso And Button Try Out Honda's Uni-cub Mobility Scooter

Alonso and Button try out Honda's Uni-Cub mobility scooterAs two of the best racing drivers in the world, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have some pretty serious wheels at their disposal. They'll both be driving the latest McLaren-Honda MP4-30 on the track this year, will likely have access to supercars like the new Acura NSX or McLaren 650S for toying around with when they're not working, and probably each have an enviable motor pool of their own at home. This, then, must have been quite a change of pace for them both.