Lexus-badged, Tuned Toyota Prius Isn't Fooling Anyone

Lexus-Badged, Tuned Toyota Prius Isn't Fooling Anyone

The Toyota Prius has never been a particularly stylish car. In fact, its unusual design made sure it stood out from the crowd as the Japanese automaker’s pioneering hybrid, but “beautiful” wasn’t one of the adjectives associated with it.

Tuned Nissan Gt-r Breathes Spits Fire

Tuned Nissan GT-R Breathes Spits FireShooting flames from your exhaust is sort of the icing on the cake for a modified supercar such as this Nissan GT-R tuned by Alpha.

Not only is this a highly competent straight line brawler, it’s also very loud thanks to its custom Armytrix exhaust system. As some of you know, Armytrix folk are pretty good at making cars sound like they’re on a battle field.