Man Mods His Nintendo Switch, Turns It Into A Nintendo Switch Xl

Man Mods His Nintendo Switch, Turns It Into A Nintendo Switch XL

As far as portable gaming consoles go, the Nintendo Switch is pretty decently sized. Sure, it isn't as portable compared to the 3DS, but if you're someone who carries a bag with them on the go, then it's not an issue. However it seems that not everyone thinks the Switch's size is perfect.

In fact YouTuber Vince of YouTube’s My Mate Vince decided that maybe the Switch's screen could be bigger, and has since cooked up a DIY mod in which he turns a 1080p TV screen into a display for the Switch, while at the same time maintaining its portable form factor. The end result is a monstrosity called the Nintendo Switch XL, which while we suppose "works", isn't really something many would want to carry around.

Honda Turns A Civic Type R Windshield Into A Video Game

Honda turns a Civic Type R windshield into a video game

Honda released a video showcasing the head-to-head race between pro gamer Peter "the SLAPtrain" Jeankins and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal. Both racers used a 2018 Honda Civic Type R, but one car was real while the other existed only in the digital reality of Forza 7. The real Type R was equipped with a "mixed-reality" windshield that projected the "ghost" of the virtual Type R driven by The SLAP Train. For more coverage head over to

Transcript: Pro gamer vs pro racer. Pro gamer Peter "the SLAPtrain" Jeankins goes head to head with pro IndyCar driver Graham Rahal. The 2018 Type R races a virtual Type R from Forza Motorsport 7. The real Type R is equipped with a "mixed-reality" windshield that projects the "ghost" of the virtual reality vehicle similar to a time trial race within Forza 7. Both vehicles raced on the 2.54 mile long Road Atlanta Raceway. The short race stayed neck-and-neck as both vehicles reach the finish line. See who won at Honda's YouTube page.

New York Red Bulls Turns To Sony Electronics To Deliver Professional Products And Solutions

New York Red Bulls turns to Sony Electronics to deliver professional products and solutionsNew York Red Bulls, one of Major League Soccer's ten charter clubs, play home matches at Red Bull Arena, a state-of-the-art 25,000-seat stadium in Harrison, NJ.  As one of the top soccer teams in the country, the Red Bulls are always looking for ways to connect with fans and deliver an unforgettable experience.  For the past two seasons, the team has received the highest marks across a number of experiential touchpoints from the J.D. Power Fan Experience Study, so it is no surprise they take technology seriously.  When the team was looking to upgrade their facility, they turned to Sony Electronics to deliver professional products and solutions that would streamline their production workflow to create and deliver an engaging experience for their dedicated fanbase.

Copper Wire Turns Cloth Into Speaker

Copper Wire Turns Cloth Into Speaker

Shibata Technotex Co Ltd (Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture) exhibited a flat speaker woven with copper, stainless steel, etc at Semicon Japan 2017, which took place from Dec 13 to 15, 2017, at Tokyo Big Sight.

Shibata Technotex is a fabric manufacturer founded in 1947 and developing smart textiles that interweave "conductive thread," which is made by winding copper, stainless steel, etc around polyester, as one of its new businesses. Conductive thread is entirely covered with copper, stainless steel, etc, and it can be soldered.

Slammed Lexus Ls F Sport Turns Heads In Tokyo

Slammed Lexus LS F SPORT Turns Heads in Tokyo

And so the year begins — Dino Dalle Carbonare at SpeedHunters has spotted one of the very first slammed Lexus LS F SPORT sedans at a car show in Tokyo:

Japanese tuners Lexon Exclusive fit a controller to override the stock air suspension and added 22-inch RAYS Volk Racing G25Edge forged wheels to complete the look.

Eyeing Foreign Guests, Japan Tourism Trade Turns To Credit Cards

Eyeing foreign guests, Japan tourism trade turns to credit cards

Local restaurants, souvenir shops and even some temples and shrines are hoping to cater to foreign guests with an international custom yet to be adopted in Japan: letting customers pay their bills with credit cards instead of cash.

As the country braces for a further tourism boom in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, major credit card companies are providing local businesses with portable devices so foreign customers can pay at the table -- a practice customary in their home countries.

Pink Lamborghini Aventador Turns Heads In Tokyo

Pink Lamborghini Aventador Turns Heads In Tokyo

We're not quite sure what to make of it, but there seems to be a proliferation of pink Aventadors lately, as we've seen quite a few of them in the past few months alone.

Now, here's another example painted in the same color: an LP720-4 50th Anniversary model, its output bridging the gap between the base LP700-4 and the LP750-4 SuperVeloce (or the revised LP740-4 S). It's also riding on a set of Forgiato's S202 wheels, with black rims and pink spokes and hubs to match the lipstick paintjob.

Honda S660 Bruno Leather Edition Turns Shifting Into A Game

Honda S660 Bruno Leather Edition Turns Shifting Into A Game

Honda certainly caught our attention when it revealed the S660 back in 2013, and put it into production in 2015. Unfortunately it has yet to offer the nimble little roadster in many markets outside of Japan, which is a shame, because it's only getting more tempting.

The latest sweetening of the proverbial plum comes in the form of the Bruno Leather Edition – which, as you can tell, comes in brown, and has leather.

Kyoto University Turns Medieval Painting Into A 'time Machine'

Kyoto university turns medieval painting into a 'time machine'

KYOTO--Tourists can stroll into medieval times with the help of a digital reproduction of a famed folding screen.

Kyoto Arts and Crafts University has installed a life-size digital reproduction of the "Ikeda version of the Rakuchu Rakugaizu (scenes in and around the capital) folding screen" in a ground-floor gallery on its Higashiyama campus, which opened in April.

Skyline Car Series Turns 60

Skyline car series turns 60

An event commemorating the 60th anniversary of the release of Nissan Motor Co.'s Skyline — the auto manufacturer's signature car — was held at Roppongi Hills in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Thursday. All 13 models, including the current one, are on display through Monday.

The first model of the car was released on April 24, 1957, by Prince Motors Ltd., which merged with Nissan in 1966. The sports-car-based sedan series was especially attractive to young car buyers, with domestic sales topping 3 million cars.

Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

So we have been hearing reports that the dock for the Nintendo Switch has truly been scratching the reassure's show as customers take it in and out. Without a doubt this is a bummer, despite the way that we assume that is the thing that screen shields are there for. Regardless in case you're after a possibly less scratchy technique for docking your solace, here's an idea for you.

In a post on Reddit, Redditor tettzan777 posted a photo in which he revamp his old N64 support to allow it to dock the Nintendo Switch. He also balanced it with the end goal that there is similarly reinforce for USB ports on the front, something that the N64 comfort obviously was not prepared to do.

Japans' Studie Turns Bmw M2 Into A Tiger-striped Track Warrior

Japans' Studie Turns BMW M2 Into A Tiger-Striped Track WarriorFrom the moment it was introduced at the end of 2015, the BMW M2 has been subjected to numerous tunes from all over the world.
This one was created by Studie Japan and was presented at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month. It gets some flashy visual updates on the outside, including a tiger-stripped wrap combined with a matte black front endm 19-inch red BBS and large rear wing.