Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

So we have been hearing reports that the dock for the Nintendo Switch has truly been scratching the reassure's show as customers take it in and out. Without a doubt this is a bummer, despite the way that we assume that is the thing that screen shields are there for. Regardless in case you're after a possibly less scratchy technique for docking your solace, here's an idea for you.

In a post on Reddit, Redditor tettzan777 posted a photo in which he revamp his old N64 support to allow it to dock the Nintendo Switch. He also balanced it with the end goal that there is similarly reinforce for USB ports on the front, something that the N64 comfort obviously was not prepared to do.

Japans' Studie Turns Bmw M2 Into A Tiger-striped Track Warrior

Japans' Studie Turns BMW M2 Into A Tiger-Striped Track WarriorFrom the moment it was introduced at the end of 2015, the BMW M2 has been subjected to numerous tunes from all over the world.
This one was created by Studie Japan and was presented at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month. It gets some flashy visual updates on the outside, including a tiger-stripped wrap combined with a matte black front endm 19-inch red BBS and large rear wing.

Toyota Corolla Turns The Tables On Hilux

Toyota Corolla Turns The Tables On HiluxToyota's Corolla has leapfrogged its stablemate HiLux to become Australia's best-selling car in 2016.
HiLux entered September at the top of the sales ladder with a narrow lead over Corolla, only to see the small-car champion reverse the pecking order by the end of the month.

Toyota Corolla Turns 50

Toyota Corolla Turns 50Toyota's Corolla will achieve a major milestone this month as the world's most popular car celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Introduced to Japan in October 1966 as the "people's car", cumulative global sales of Corolla have grown to more than 44 million.

Kodo Soloist Turns Wadaiko Dream Into Reality

Kodo soloist turns wadaiko dream into realityIn a serene forest on the island of Sado in Niigata Prefecture, members of the world-renowned Kodo group pursue their creativity at the so-called Kodo-mura, or Kodo Village.
This year, the wadaiko (Japanese drum) performing group is celebrating its 35th anniversary. One young soloist is Yuta Sumiyoshi, 24, a composer who suggests ideas for the group and discusses new projects with other members.

Human Skin Turns Into Display For Biological Information

Human Skin Turns Into Display for Biological InformationA wearable sensor that uses a human arm to display biological information has come much closer to realization.
A research group led by Takao Someya, professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, developed a flexible OLED light source as an ultra-thin sheet and succeeded in stably operating it in the atmosphere.

Physician Turns To Politics To Attract More Doctors To Local Areas

Physician turns to politics to attract more doctors to local areasTomonori Kiyoyama, 34, was once a promising, elite physician. A graduate of the prestigious University of Tokyo's medical school, he also studied in the United States. But he turned to politics five years ago and is now trying to attract more doctors to local areas in his hometown on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu.

Books : Ryu Murakami Turns On Another Light In Tokyo’s Lurid Basement

Ryu Murakami turns on another light in Tokyo’s lurid basementThis collection of short stories arrived with a warning from the publisher: “Graphic sexual content.” Perhaps it was worried that reviewers would blush to the tips of their toes upon reading it. However, anyone who has encountered Murakami’s excruciating 1992 sadomasochistic film “Topazu” (“Tokyo Decadence”) — depicting the comings and goings of call girls and their depraved businessmen clients in suites of Tokyo’s Hotel New Otani — might fear for another yawn-inducing marathon of kinky sex.

Judo Competitor Turns Heads

Judo competitor turns headsAt 5 feet 3 inches tall and 127 pounds soaking wet, 13-year-old Nyssa eighth-grader Noelle Acosta may not look intimidating, but at a moment’s notice, she can take you down without batting an eyelash.