Sony, Toshiba Look To Rebound With Ultra-hd 4k Tvs

Sony, Toshiba look to rebound with ultra-HD 4K TVsStruggling Japanese TV makers are hoping to make a comeback with the next-generation 4K TVs that can turn a living room into a cinema-like experience.

With their South Korean rivals dominating the global TV market, Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. said Aug. 30 they plan to release 84-inch 4K TVs by year’s end for Sony, and in April or later for Toshiba.

Nikon Announces Ultra-compact Coolpix S01

Nikon announces Ultra-Compact Coolpix S01Today, Nikon Inc. announced the new COOLPIX S01, an ultra-compact camera that combines Nikon imaging technology, style and affordability into an ultra-mini camera body that’s easy to use. Its compact size makes the camera small enough to fit into a user’s pocket, so they can take it with them anywhere, whether spending a day on-the-go or a night out on the town.

Sony Develops An Ultra Compact Hd Video Camera Solution For Point-of-view Shooting And Action Sports

Sony Develops An Ultra Compact HD Video Camera Solution For Point-Of-View Shooting And Action SportsSony today announced that it is developing a new type of high definition wearable video camera which answers the demand for premium point-of-view and action sports filming devices.

The new video camera will feature Sony's hallmark SteadyShot® image stabilization technology, found in its portfolio of digital imaging products, to reduce blur and deliver stunningly smooth footage.

Ultra-compacts Get Road Test At Transport Ministry

Ultra-compacts get road test at transport ministryUltra-compacts developed by Japanese carmakers were test-driven June 18 at the transport ministry in Tokyo as the government is planning to relax regulations so the small vehicles can soon be rolling down public roads.

Nissan Motor Co., Toyota Auto Body Co., Honda Motor Co., Daihatsu Motor Co. and Suzuki Motor Corp. rolled out their ultra-compacts for government scrutiny.

Nhk 33 Megapixel 120fps Ultra High Definition Imaging System

NHK 33 Megapixel 120fps Ultra High Definition imaging systemNHK, in conjunction with Shizuoka University, has developed an Ultra High Definition imaging system that outputs 33MP video at 120fps.

As Ultra High Definition broadcasts at full resolution are designed for large, wall sized displays, there is a possibility that fast moving subjects may not be clear when shot at 60fps, so the option of 120fps has been standardized for these situations.

Nhk World's First Ultra High Definition Shoulder-mount Camera

NHK World's first Ultra High Definition shoulder-mount cameraThis is the world's first compact shoulder-mount Ultra High Definition camera. Developed by NHK, it uses a single-chip color imaging sensor to produce 33MP video.

By reducing the size and weight of the camera, the portability had been improved, making it more maneuverable than previous prototypes, so it can be used in a wide variety of shooting situations. This compact head can also be used with commercially available still camera lenses.

Nhk Panasonic 145-inch Ultra High Definition Plasma Display

NHK 145-inch Ultra High Definition plasma displayNHK has announced a 145-inch Ultra High Definition plasma display, with 16 times the resolution of a regular Full HD display. This follows the 85-inch LCD display announced by NHK last year.

This prototype was co-developed with Panasonic. It has almost 34 million 0.417 mm square pixels, 7,860 horizontally and 4,320 vertically, and a frame rate of 60 fps.

Tdk Introduces An Ultra High-q Multilayer Inductors

TDK Introduces an Ultra High-Q Multilayer InductorsTDK presents the new MHQ1005P series of multilayer ceramic inductors with a Q factor that, depending on the type, is as good or much better than comparable, but more expensive, wirewound inductors. The new multilayer ceramic components are thus suitable for use in low-loss RF matching circuits in devices such as smartphones and conventional mobile phones. The MHQ1005P, a series is already in mass production.

Street Legal, Ultra Compact Ev Is More Eco-friendly Than Using The Train

Street Legal, Ultra Compact EV Is More Eco-Friendly Than Using The TrainTeam "Prominence", which participates primarily in solar car races, has developed the Prominence Commuting Device (PCD).

"We began developing this vehicle in April 2009 and achieved a completed vehicle in May of 2010. At that point the vehicle was issued a license and we began conducting demonstration testing on public roads. As for the reason we developed this car, if you carefully consider how a vehicle is operated by battery power, then you must also consider the difference between the energy available in existing gasoline powered vehicles and the amount of energy that can be stored by batteries.