Fried Chicken Marinated In Refreshing Ume Apricot Vinegar

Fried chicken marinated in refreshing ume apricot vinegar

Ume (Japanese apricot) become plumper each time it rains here in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan's top production area of the fruit.

The town of Minabe is home to the renowned Nanko-ume. It was 44 years ago that the "ume ka" (ume section) was opened in the village office of Minabegawa, which later became Minabe town.

Admiring Colors, Scent Of Rare Wintertime Ume Blossoms

Admiring colors, scent of rare wintertime ume blossomsIt was just after mid-December, much earlier than usual, that an ume (Japanese apricot) tree in the Hamarikyu Gardens in central Tokyo started to bear red blossoms. After the turn of the year, another tree also came into bloom. They are the most precocious trees in the gardens.

Ume Harvest Simple Joy Of Rainy Season

Ume harvest simple joy of rainy seasonJapanese apricots are currently ripening. I went to a small ume orchard in my neighborhood the other day to help the owner harvest the fruit.

I was struck by how quickly time flies. It felt like I had admired the ume flowers in bloom only recently, but the trees were now laden with plump fruit amid green leaves, all glistening in the gentle rain.

Ume-flavored Steamed Dish With Potato And Pork

Ume-flavored steamed dish with potato and porkSteamed dishes that enhance the flavor and retain the nutrients are becoming popular again. Cooking expert Atsuko Matsumoto introduces a dish with pork fillet, potatoes and umeboshi, or picked plum. "By adding katakuriko starch to the seasoning, the pork and potato will stick together through steaming and the flavor will blend nicely," she says.