Universal Studios Japan Opens Doors To All

Universal Studios Japan opens doors to all

One of Japan's favorite theme parks is lifting its entry restrictions to allow anyone from around the country to come and visit.

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka began reopening on limited basis in June. It had been closed since the end of February.

Sexy Zone Transfer To Universal Music

Sexy Zone transfer to Universal Music

Sexy Zone, who celebrate their 10th debut anniversary this year, have transferred to Universal Music. They will release a new single titled "RUN" under a new label to be launched jointly by Universal Music and Johnny's & Associates. From now on, they will be active not only in Japan, but overseas as well.

"RUN" will serve as the theme song for drama 'Miman Keisatsu Midnight Runner' starring member Nakajima Kento and Sexy Zone's Hirano Sho. More details such as the new label and CD release date will be revealed at a later date.

G20 Ministers To Discuss Universal Health Care

G20 ministers to discuss universal health care

While G20 leaders are meeting in Osaka, their finance and health ministers will be holding a separate session to discuss global health issues.

Japan plans to call for stronger ties between G20 financial and health authorities to achieve universal health coverage, or UHC, throughout the world.

Chara Transfers To Universal Music, To Release New Album & Hold Nationwide Tour

Chara transfers to Universal Music, to release new album & hold nationwide tour

Chara has transferred to Universal Music and will be releasing a new album titled "Baby Bump" on December 19. 

With the theme "to conceive love," the album is a fusion of Chara's roots of soul and dance music. It will feature a total of 11 tracks including songs produced by Takahashi Kai (LUCKY TAPES), TENDRE, Gakushi, mabanua, and SWING-O. The Limited Edition will come with an additional CD containing live audio tracks from her Tokyo stop of her nationwide tour 'Shut Up And Kiss Me! ~Sweet Soul Sessions Supreme~' held in July. 

Universal Studios Japan To Hike Prices For 9th Year In Row

Universal Studios Japan to hike prices for 9th year in row

OSAKA--With visitors on the increase, Universal Studios Japan here will raise its ticket prices from Jan. 31, it announced Dec. 27.

It marks the ninth consecutive year prices have been bumped up. USJ last increased admission prices in February, but the visitor spike continued. Visitor numbers to the theme park in Osaka's Konohana Ward are expected to exceed 14.5 million, which was the record high set last year.

Universal Studios Japan To Resume Nighttime Parades From 2018

Universal Studios Japan to resume nighttime parades from 2018

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka will resume nighttime parades from 2018 following a year-and-half hiatus as part of efforts to draw overseas tourists as well as domestic visitors, its operator USJ Co. said Monday.

Using projection mapping, scenes from the Harry Potter, Minions and other movie series will be displayed on floats and a 587-meter-long route to give visitors an immersive experience, with a Transformers float shaped like a robot.

Nintendo Attractions At Universal Parks In Hollywood And Orlando Confirmed

Nintendo Attractions At Universal Parks In Hollywood And Orlando ConfirmedNintendo announced a partnership with Universal last year and earlier this year in March it was confirmed that the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is going to host attractions based on Nintendo properties. An exciting announcement has been made today, exciting for Nintendo fans and those who like to visit theme parks. Nintendo attractions at Universal parks in Hollywood and Orlando have been confirmed today.

Tricolor Roll, A ‘universal’ Dish Enjoyed By All, Young And Old

Tricolor roll, a ‘universal’ dish enjoyed by all, young and oldYou’re never too old to enjoy a good meal, but people in nursing care don’t always have the opportunity to eat quality food, as Hiromi Akahori knows from personal experience.
Akahori, who heads the Akahori Cooking School, studied nursing-care food during her undergraduate and graduate years. Her research included using jelly to supplement calcium as well as cooking easy-to-eat dishes and asking elderly people to rate them.

Universal Japan Park Gets $350 Million Nintendo Land

Universal Japan Park Gets $350 Million Nintendo LandNintendo announced last year that it was giving Universal Studios the rights to some of its properties to be featured in theme park rides though at that time it wasn’t made clear where we’d be seeing those rides. It has now been confirmed that those theme park rides will debut on Nintendo’s home turf. Universal Japan Park is going to get a $350 million Nintendo land which will feature iconic characters from the company in rides.

Sony Universal Remote Features Customizable Screen

Sony Universal Remote Features Customizable ScreenSony Corp released a universal remote that uses an electronic paper device and can display buttons chosen by the user.
The concept of the remote, "Huis Remote Controller Huis-100RC," passed an in-house audition. And a fund for commercializing it had been raised through crowdfunding since July 2015. While the goal was ¥5 million (approx US$43,871), ¥24.35 million was raised. Sony has already delivered the product to the supporters.

Sony Presents Universal Remote For Playstation 4

Sony Presents Universal Remote For Playstation 4The never ending technological progress has imported numerous remote controls in each modern home – you have remote controls for you TV sets, air conditioners, DVD players, sound systems and more. This can create problems in everyday life but if you own a PlayStation 4 you may be in luck – Sony has just announced a new universal remote control for this popular gaming console.