Golden Bomber To Hold A Special Live At Universal Studios Japan

Golden Bomber to hold a special live at Universal Studios JapanGolden Bomber will hold a special live on May 16 at Universal Studios Japan.
The special 1-day live will be held from 11:30 am. The ticket fees will be included in the '1-day Studio Pass', so visitors can enjoy the park after the live. Tickets will go on sale on April 26.

Panasonic Won The If Universal Design Expert Favorite 2015 For Four Products

Panasonic Won the iF Universal Design Expert Favorite 2015 for Four ProductsPanasonic GUI Automatic Espresso Machine, Portable Wireless Speaker System "SC-MC20," Light from ay Battery "BF-BM10," LED Clip light "BF-AP20P." Light from any Battery "BF-BM10," LED Clip light "BF-AF20P" have been selected as iF Universal Design Expert Favorite award 2015 by Universal design expert favorite award 2015 (Organized by: iF UNIVERSAL DESIGN & SERVICE GmbH) presents products which are easier to use for more people and excellent universal design products and service.

Universal Sport Karate Free Kid's Self-defense Sessions

Universal Sport Karate Free Kid's Self-Defense SessionsWith the recent kidnapping and murder cases of Adriaunna Horton and Hailey Owens, parents are searching for preventative measures to protect their children. A Karate studio in Joplin is putting on free self-defense clinics this Saturday for kids to prepare themselves physically. Sensei Gage Hanlon, owner of Universal Sport Karate, wants to give back to the Joplin community by putting on self-defense sessions for children. He wants to teach them how to protect themselves in any situation.