Nissan Imq Unveiled In Geneva To Show Us Where Crossover Design Is Headed

Nissan IMQ unveiled in Geneva to show us where crossover design is headed

Nissan has been busy with its electrified vehicles of late. Its cadence for revealing new production and show cars has been steady since the launch of the current-gen Leaf. Just in the past few months, we've seen the new Leaf Nismo RC race car and the IMs concept, and we've already driven the new, long-range Leaf Plus. Hot on the heels of all of that, Nissan is giving us yet another electrified vehicle, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, called the IMQ crossover concept.

The IMQ is the third concept to bear the "IM" initials of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility campaign, following the IMx crossover and the aforementioned IMs. Unlike the last two, which were 100 percent electric, the IMQ is a series hybrid using Nissan's e-Power technology. All four wheels are driven solely by electric motors, providing a total of 335 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Instead of plugging the IMQ in, though, it uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine as a generator to charge the battery.

Saitama's 'thrilling' Rope Bridge Unveiled

Saitama's 'thrilling' rope bridge unveiled

A new rope bridge hung high over a ravine north of Tokyo is set to attract many thrill-seekers.

The bridge, built by a company based in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, was shown to media on Thursday.

Perfume's Pv For 'future Pop' Unveiled

Perfume's PV for 'Future Pop' unveiled

The PV for Perfume's new song "FUTURE POP" has been unveiled. 

The video is a fusion of live filming and animation by Perfume and NTT Docomo's collaboration project 'Perfume × docomo Future Pop Project.' It was directed by Kodama Yuichi.

Pokémon: Let's Go Themed Nintendo Switch Unveiled

Pokémon: Let's Go Themed Nintendo Switch Unveiled

If you’re a fan of Pokemon games and were kind of holding off on the Nintendo Switch until a Pokemon game was released for it, you’re in luck because not only did Nintendo previously announce two new Pokemon RPGs that will launch for the Switch this year, but the company has also recently announced a new Pokemon: Let’s Go themed Nintendo Switch.

This will see the Switch console get a brown and yellow colored Joy-Con controllers, along with Pikachu and Eevee decals painted onto the side of the dock, and various silhouettes of Pokemon on the back of the console. We have to say that it looks pretty good and it will also come with download codes where players can choose to either download the Pikachu or Eevee version of the game.

New Ps4 Cloud Remote Unveiled With Device Auto-detection

New PS4 Cloud Remote Unveiled With Device Auto-Detection

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Given how modern day gaming consoles are being marketed as being more than just for games and can be good for entertainment like watching videos and more, it’s not surprising that there are also accessories like PDP’s Media Remote for the Sony PS4. Now if you have yet to get the remote or are looking for an update, you’re in luck.

Huawei's Android Pie-based Emui 9.0 Will Be Unveiled At Ifa 2018

Huawei's Android Pie-Based EMUI 9.0 Will Be Unveiled At IFA 2018

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Huawei, one of the fastest growing Android smartphone manufacturers, has given some details about its roadmap for the Android Pie update. Google released the Android 9 Pie update a few weeks ago and it’s now up to OEMs to roll it out for their devices. Huawei will be unveiling its Android Pie-based EMUI 9.0 custom skin at IFA 2018.

Names Of 2020 Tokyo Games Mascots Unveiled

Names of 2020 Tokyo Games mascots unveiled

The organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has unveiled the names of the mascots for the Games.

At an event in Tokyo on Sunday, the committee announced that the name of the Olympic mascot is "Miraitowa" and that of the Paralympic character is "Someity."

Limited Edition Spider-man Ps4 Pro Unveiled

Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Unveiled

If you have yet to jump on the PS4 Pro bandwagon and you are thinking about it, Sony might have something that could tempt you. The company has recently unveiled a limited edition Spider-Man themed PS4 Pro which we have to admit is probably one of the more striking limited edition PS4 consoles we've seen to date.

The limited edition console will be released in conjunction with the new Marvel Spider-Man video game which everyone seems to be raving about these days, namely due to its graphics which makes it one of the best looking Spider-Man games that we've seen so far, and of course Sony wants gamers to enjoy it on the PS4 Pro, which is the company's latest and most powerful console to date.

The Short Pv For Ken☆tackey's Song 'aishitemo' Unveiled

The short PV for KEN☆Tackey's song 'Aishitemo' unveiled

Miyake Ken (V6) and Takizawa Hideaki's (TACKEY & TSUBASA) unit KEN☆Tackey will release their debut single "Gyakuten Lovers" on July 18. They've unveiled the short PV for their song "Aishitemo" from the single. 

"Aishitemo" is a danceable number that will be included as the coupling track in the Limited Edition A and B versions of the single. The PV features scenes of the two dancing as well as scenes of them lounging with a woman on a sofa. 

Details On Perfume's New Album 'future Pop' Unveiled

Details on Perfume's new album 'Future Pop' unveiled

Perfume is getting ready to release their new album "Future Pop" on August 15. At this time, the details have been unveiled. 

The group's seventh original album will include a total of 12 songs, such as their already released singles "TOKYO GIRL," "If you wanna," and "Mugen Mirai" as well as new songs. Both Complete Production Edition and Regular Edition will come with a Blu-ray or DVD with PVs and other footage.