2020 Toyota Hilux Announced With Design Updates, New Engine

2020 Toyota Hilux announced with design updates, new engine

Toyota updated its popular Hilux pickup with a new look, a more car-like interior, and a more powerful engine. The changes reflect the fact that, even overseas, motorists are increasingly buying trucks as daily drivers.

In the United States, the Hilux is a forbidden fruit. It's tremendously popular in many global markets, however. It has stood proud as Australia's bestselling vehicle regardless of body style since 2016, for example. The competition is getting fiercer, so it needs to stay fresh to remain on top. Although it's not entirely new, the 2020 model receives a long list of visual updates that include a redesigned front fascia with a new grille and LED lights, plastic cladding over the wheel arches, and, on the Invincible X trim, INVINCIBLE lettering on both sides of the bed and on the tailgate, a proclamation that we imagine many owners will gladly put to the test.

2021 Lexus Lc Gets Modest Updates

2021 Lexus LC gets modest updates

The Lexus LC is already one of our favorite cars, and the 2021 Lexus LC aims to be even a little better. The luxury automaker has made a number of minor changes to the suspension, infotainment and color schemes.

Starting under the skin, Lexus found some weight savings in the wheels and suspension. In fact, the new LC has 22 fewer pounds of unsprung weight thanks to lighter rear wheels, aluminum lower control arms, high-strength steel springs, and tubular anti-roll bars rather than solid ones. Lexus says that these improvements along with retuned shocks should give the new LC a softer, smoother ride. That's not all, as Lexus is now including its Active Cornering Assist technology to the stability control system, which brakes the inside wheels in turns to improve cornering ability. Lexus also adjusted the shift logic for the transmissions in both the V8 LC 500 and hybrid LC 500h to be smoother and more responsive.

Japan Updates Coronavirus Treatment Rules

Japan updates coronavirus treatment rules

Japan's health ministry has compiled fresh guidelines on ways to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. They include giving local governments discretion to ask patients with mild symptoms to recover at home.

The Japanese government presented plans to deal with the coronavirus last month, but said that some policies would be changed if the number of patients increased significantly in certain regions.

Govt. Updates Nuclear Debris Removal Plan

Govt. updates nuclear debris removal plan

A Japanese government task force in charge of drawing up decommissioning policies for the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says the removal of fuel debris will start with the No. 2 reactor in 2021.

The task force met at the prime minister's office on Monday to compile its fifth version of the decommissioning schedule.

New Updates Add May 2019 Security Patches To A Range Of Xperia Phones

New updates add May 2019 security patches to a range of Xperia phones

Sony Mobile has been on a roll recently, updating many of its Xperia smartphones to add the May 2019 Android security patches. You can see the full list below of Xperia phones that have been updated, which includes the XZ1, XA2 and XA1 ranges. However, even the Xperia L1, L2 and L3 were all updated to the same patches which was good to see.