2020 Toyota Supra Tries On The First Batch Of Trd Upgrades

2020 Toyota Supra tries on the first batch of TRD upgrades

The bits and bobs we saw revealed on the Toyota Supra TRD Performance Line Concept are ready for primetime. TRD put them on display on Facebook last week, and at least one Japanese dealer showed the handiwork on a show-floor Supra. The good news is that they look just as good as they did on the concept, made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and given a lustrous coating over a perfect weave pattern. The bad news is that they probably won't be the least bit inexpensive.

A three-piece front splitter leads things off. It increases downforce and reduces lift, but it also lowers the car by 14 millimeters (0.55 inch). The rocker extensions carry shark fins at their leading and trailing edges, said to smooth airflow along the body and around the rear three-quarter. They also lower the ride height by four millimeters (0.16 inch). Above them, a set of CFRP panels on the door close off the side intakes. The coupe's chief engineer said the Supra's standard cooling system is good enough, the vents there in case aftermarket mods need more air.

Toyota Tundra Spy Shots Indicate Rear Suspension Upgrades

Toyota Tundra spy shots indicate rear suspension upgrades

One of our spy photographers caught a Toyota Tundra prototype truck out testing, and we were tempted to write it off as another light refresh of a truck with roots in 2007, especially since the cab is unchanged. But then we noticed that Toyota went to great pains to make sure no one could see the rear axle and suspension. Vinyl coverings lurk in the wheel wells, and bristles line the edges of the bed. So we suspect Toyota has done something interesting with the rear end.

What could it be? Well, based on the shock mounts, it looks like it will retain a solid rear axle, which makes sense considering full-size truck buyers might frown on independent rear suspension. We think Toyota may be working on a coil-sprung rear suspension similar to what the Ram 1500 uses. Air springs could be another possibility. This is speculation, but our theory is supported by what looks like a locating link in one of the images, which would be necessary with coil springs or air springs as neither provide natural fore and aft positioning the way leaf packs do.

Mitsubishi Upgrades L200 Pickup Truck To Tow Heavier Stuff

Mitsubishi Upgrades L200 Pickup Truck To Tow Heavier Stuff

The Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck is now capable of towing up to 3.5 tonnes thanks to the company’s latest revisions.

Mitsubishi has added extra strengthening to key areas of the chassis of the L200, making it capable of offering a 3.5-tonne towing capacity on the tarmac when a three-axle braked trailer is attached and with four-wheel drive engaged.

Toyota Hilux Upgrades And Improvements Coming: Local Arm 'not Resting On Laurels'

Toyota HiLux upgrades and improvements coming: local arm ‘not resting on laurels’

Despite the Toyota HiLux dominating local sales figures for the last sixth months consecutively – and taking out top honours in 2016 – the Japanese car maker’s local division says it’s taking the market and the segment seriously, with more upgrades and improvements to the hard-working model well and truly in the pipeline.

"We're certainly not going to rest on our laurels," Toyota Australia product public relations manager Stephen Coughlan told CarAdvice.

Jal Upgrades In-flight Services, Equipment To Woo Foreign Fliers

JAL upgrades in-flight services, equipment to woo foreign fliers

By Etsuo Kono / Japan News staff writer Japan Airlines Co. is accelerating efforts to upgrade its in-flight services, as well as equipment used on medium-haul international flights. The carrier is particularly focusing on routes to Hawaii and Southeast Asia, because of the increasing number of international tourists traveling on these routes.

The airline's refurbished fleet of eleven Boeing 777-200ER aircraft — dubbed "JAL Sky Suite" to reflect the higher level of comfort and services offered — began flying in July last year. The refurbished planes now include fully reclining seats with direct access to aisles in business class.

Isuzu Looked To Aussie Owners For Guidance On New Engine Upgrades

Isuzu looked to Aussie owners for guidance on new engine upgradesIsuzu Ute Australia and its growing customer base have the brand’s Japanese headquarters sitting up and taking notice.
Australia is the biggest global export market for Isuzu, leading Saudi Arabia, Philippines, UK and Italy. Sales have been growing strong over the past eight years, since the introduction of the D-Max to the local market in 2008, followed by the arrival of the MU-X in 2013.