2019 Nissan Leaf E+ Loses Range In Upper Trim Levels

2019 Nissan Leaf e+ loses range in upper trim levels

Nissan revealed the Leaf e+ at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. A range of 226 miles was, and still is, touted as the main selling point over the normal Leaf. It appears the base level S trim is the only Leaf with that much range, though. Ponying up for the SV and SL trims will end up netting you an EPA-estimated 215 miles each. That's an 11 mile drop, one Nissan said is "mostly due to weight differences" when we asked.

How much weight you ask? Here are the trims, weights and ranges laid out for you:

Bill Enacted To Add 6 Seats To Upper House

Bill enacted to add 6 seats to Upper House

Japan's Diet has enacted legislation to reform the electoral system, including the addition of six seats to the 242-seat Upper House.

The legislation cleared the Lower House with majority support from the governing Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito.

Intensive Debate To Be Held At Upper House

Intensive debate to be held at Upper House

Japanese lawmakers are holding intensive deliberations at an Upper House meeting on Monday.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will attend the session at the Upper House Budget Committee. The Diet session was extended last week.

Research On The Upper Atmosphere Region Using Sounding Rockets

Research on the upper atmosphere region using sounding rocketsWhat exists beyond the blue sky?

Many people may answer "the universe." There are a variety of regions above, however, including the troposphere up to an altitude of about 10 km where clouds exist and, above it, the stratosphere, the mesosphere and the thermosphere (Fig.1). Outer space above an altitude of approx. 80 km is called the ionosphere since part of the atmosphere there is ionized. The ionosphere is unique, differing from both the earth we live on and the universe. In this article, I will use the general term "Upper Atmosphere Region" for the ionosphere and introduce its characteristic and current research on it.

Baseball: Ichiro Gets Upper Hand Over Darvish

Baseball: Ichiro gets upper hand over DarvishSeattle's Ichiro Suzuki tripled in the first run on Monday against Yu Darvish (6-2) as the Mariners sent the Texas Rangers to a 6-1 loss.

Darvish allowed five runs in four innings, with Suzuki, his World Baseball Classic teammate, driving in two. It was the first time since moving to the majors this season that Darvish failed to pitch into the fifth inning. The right-hander walked six and struck out five.