Us Military 'remains Ready' In Asia Despite Virus

US military 'remains ready' in Asia despite virus

A top official at the US Embassy in Tokyo says the US military "remains ready and capable to deal with any kind of aggressive acts," even though coronavirus cases have been found on a US aircraft carrier and bases in Japan.

Charge d'Affaires ad interim Joseph Young gave a video interview to NHK on Friday. He said the US forces have taken "proactive measures to minimize the risk of infection and spread," and the US is ready to respond to any actor that might want to take advantage while the East Asian region is focused on the coronavirus.

Japan To Include Us, China, Uk In Entry Ban List

Japan to include US, China, UK in entry ban list

Japan is planning to place an entry ban on foreign nationals from an additional 49 countries and territories as the coronavirus pandemic expands.

Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu revealed the plan on Tuesday. The additional areas will include the United States, Canada, and all of China and South Korea as well as Britain and Greece, covering most of Europe.

Japan To Include Us In Entry Ban On Foreigners

Japan to include US in entry ban on foreigners

Japan plans to include in its list of entry denials foreigners arriving from the United States, China and South Korea as well as most parts of Europe and some parts of Southeast Asia as the coronavirus pandemic expands.

The Japanese government has decided to soon raise a travel alert to all parts of the US to level three, recommending the cancellation of trips to the country. It will also ban foreigners who have stayed in the US in the past two weeks from entering Japan. The move comes amid the sharp rise of infections in the US.

Japan To Expand Entry Control To Travelers From Us

Japan to expand entry control to travelers from US

Japan plans to ask all people arriving in the country from the United States to self-quarantine for two weeks, starting on Thursday.

People with fevers or other symptoms arriving by sea and air are to be tested for the new coronavirus at quarantine stations.

Us Residents Of Japan Vote In Democratic Primary

US residents of Japan vote in Democratic primary

US residents of Japan voted in a Democratic Party presidential primary on Sunday that is being held in 44 countries and territories.

Ballot stations were set up in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Many people came to the polling station in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward when it opened at noon.

Us Experts Study Post-tsunami Ecosystem

US experts study post-tsunami ecosystem

A team of US environmental experts has surveyed an area of northeastern Japan that was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11 2011.

On Tuesday, a team from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center visited a lagoon in Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture. The lagoon was connected to the sea after a massive tsunami.

Us Chartered Planes Arrive In Japan

US chartered planes arrive in Japan

Two chartered aircraft sent by the US government to evacuate American citizens from a quarantined cruise ship have arrived in Japan.

The planes touched down at Tokyo's Haneda airport at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. Workers in protective clothing were seen loading luggage onto the aircraft.

Defense Min. Begins Survey To Move Us Drills

Defense Min. begins survey to move US drills

The Defense Ministry has launched an environmental survey on an island in southwestern Japan where it plans to relocate US military exercises.

About 20 people, including ministry officials, arrived at Mageshima island in Nishinoomote city, Kagoshima prefecture, on Tuesday morning. The ministry says they will first study the island's wildlife and vegetation.

Abe: Japan-us Pact Is Immovable Pillar

Abe: Japan-US pact is immovable pillar

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the Japan-US alliance is an immovable pillar for protecting world peace.

On January 19, 1960, the revised Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security was signed by Abe's grandfather, Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, and US President Dwight Eisenhower.

Kono: Sdf Liaison Officer Working At Us Command

Kono: SDF liaison officer working at US command

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has said a liaison officer has started working at a US command center for a Self-Defense Force intelligence-gathering mission in the Middle East.

Kono attended an Upper House committee session on Friday about the mission aimed at ensuring the safety of Japan-related shipping operating in the region.

Japan Wary Us May Ask It To Pay More For Us Forces

Japan wary US may ask it to pay more for US forces

Some Japanese government officials are concerned that Washington may pressure Tokyo to pay significantly more for stationing US forces in Japan.

Bilateral negotiations on the cost will likely shift into high gear as early as this summer, with the current five-year agreement on the costs of supporting US forces due to expire in March 2021.

Us To Discuss Overall Defense Sharing With Japan

US to discuss overall defense sharing with Japan

A senior US State Department official says the US government plans to discuss with Japan how to share overall defense responsibilities, in addition to the cost of keeping US troops in the country.

The current five-year agreement on the cost of stationing US forces in Japan will expire in March 2021. President Donald Trump's administration has asked Japan to significantly increase its share of the burden.

Japan, Us To Discuss Chemicals Detected Near Bases

Japan, US to discuss chemicals detected near bases

The governments of Japan and the United States will consider how to cooperate to deal with toxic chemicals detected in high levels around US bases in Japan.

Organic fluorine compounds, such as PFOS, have been detected near US bases in the southern prefecture of Okinawa and Tokyo's Yokota Air Base. The chemicals have been proved toxic in tests using animals.