Japan To Conduct Clinical Trials Using Hiv Drugs

Japan to conduct clinical trials using HIV drugs

Japan's health ministry has decided to begin clinical trials on patients infected by the new coronavirus with a drug used to treat HIV.

Thailand and other countries have reported that the symptoms of coronavirus patients improved after they were administered antiviral drugs that are used to prevent the onset of AIDS.

First Heart Surgery Performed Using Ips Cells

First heart surgery performed using iPS cells

A Japanese group of researchers says it has conducted heart surgery using sheets of heart muscle cells made from iPS cells.

Induced pluripotent stem cells are created from reprogrammed human cells and can develop into various kinds of body tissue.

Sources: Sawajiri Admits Using Drugs For Years

Sources: Sawajiri admits using drugs for years

Investigative sources say Japanese actress Erika Sawajiri has admitted using other illegal drugs as well as MDMA for a long time.

Sawajiri was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of possessing the synthetic drug MDMA at her apartment in Tokyo. She reportedly told police she used the drug.

Sawajiri Admits To Using Illegal Drugs

Sawajiri admits to using illegal drugs

Sources close to the investigation of Japanese actress Erika Sawajiri say she has admitted to using illegal drugs for some time.

Police sent Sawajiri to prosecutors on Sunday after arresting her the previous day on suspicion of possessing illegal substances, including the synthetic drug MDMA.

Airlines Cancel Flights Using Tokyo Airports

Airlines cancel flights using Tokyo airports

All Nippon Airways has canceled all domestic flights using Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Narita Airport this Saturday, due to the approach of Typhoon Hagibis. About 370 flights will be affected.

ANA says it may also cancel some domestic flights for Osaka and Chubu International Airport in central Japan.

Toyota Is Using Virtual Reality To Help Teach Robots

Toyota Is Using Virtual Reality To Help Teach Robots

Unlike humans, robots do not come with the ability to think for themselves. This means that what a robot can do is pretty much what its creator has programmed it to do. While this is useful in factories on the assembly line where a robot might only have a few things to do, it becomes less useful when interacting with the real world.

Robots caretakers is expected to be a thing of the future, and to help that development along, Toyota Research Institute has adopted a unique approach to the problem by using virtual reality (VR) to teach robots skills it would need to be useful around a home. According to TRI’s senior manager Jeremy Ma, the reason for using VR is that because all homes are unique and it would be impossible to create a single set of instructions that would fit all households.

Suspect May Have Sprayed Gasoline Using Bucket

Suspect may have sprayed gasoline using bucket

Police say the suspect in an arson attack that killed dozens of people at an animation studio in Kyoto may have used a bucket to spray gasoline before setting it afire.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba on Saturday for allegedly starting the fire at Kyoto Animation on Thursday morning, leaving 34 people dead and 34 others injured.

Fugitive Suspected Of Using Drugs While On Bail

Fugitive suspected of using drugs while on bail

A convicted man remains at large on Friday, two days after fleeing from prosecutors seeking to detain him in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo.

Makoto Kobayashi was out on bail when prosecutors came to his home in Aikawa Town on Wednesday to take him into custody. He brandished a knife and escaped in a car. Police found the car abandoned late on Wednesday about 7 kilometers away in Atsugi City.

Workers Using Sheets To Cover Quake-damaged Roofs

Workers using sheets to cover quake-damaged roofs

Workers in the quake-hit city of Tsuruoka are using plastic sheets to cover roofs that were damaged by Tuesday's powerful temblor in northern Japan.

A number of homes in the city's Koiwagawa district lost roof tiles in the quake. They developed ceiling leaks when rains pounded the area on Wednesday.

Someone Got Overwatch Running On A Nintendo Switch By Using Android

Someone Got Overwatch Running On A Nintendo Switch By Using Android

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly popular console, and as such, there are more developers interested in creating games for it than its predecessor, the Wii U. Blizzard has yet to make any of their games available on the console, although in the past, the company has expressed some interest in it.

They even acknowledged that developing Overwatch for the Switch was feasible, but whether or not they’d do it is a different story. However thanks to the work of some developers, it seems that someone has managed to port Blizzard’s Overwatch onto the Switch by using none other than Google’s Android platform.

Is Sony Using A 21:9 Display For Future Xperia Phones?

Is Sony using a 21:9 display for future Xperia phones?

Sony Mobile adopted a taller skinny display in some of its 2018 Xperia smartphones for the first time. Sony opted for displays with a 2:1 QHD+ resolution in these phones, as opposed to displays with a more traditional 16:9 display ratio as used previously. However, Sony could be looking to go with even skinnier displays in 2019.