Minister Draws Reaction For Not Using Computer

Minister draws reaction for not using computer

Foreign media have reported Japan's cybersecurity minister's admission that he doesn't use computers.

Yoshitaka Sakurada made the admission during questioning by an opposition lawmaker at a Lower House committee meeting on Wednesday. Sakurada is also the minister in charge of preparing for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Playstation Classic Can Be Powered Using Your Smartphone's Ac Adapter

PlayStation Classic Can Be Powered Using Your Smartphone's AC Adapter

The other day Sony announced the PlayStation Classic. This is essentially Sony’s take on the Classic consoles that Nintendo helped popularized from a couple of years ago. However as is the case with Nintendo’s Classic consoles, Sony also noted that its PlayStation Classic would not come with an AC adapter of its own.

Nintendo Switch Online Subscriptions Can Be Paid Using My Nintendo Gold Coins

Nintendo Switch Online Subscriptions Can Be Paid Using My Nintendo Gold Coins

For a while now Nintendo has been offering its customers gold coins via its My Nintendo program. These gold coins can be earned when you buy a game, and if you’re wondering what you can use it for, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo will actually allow gamers to pay for the Switch Online membership using those gold coins.

Scientists To Study Origin Of Japanese Using Dna

Scientists to study origin of Japanese using DNA

Scientists in Japan will start a project to research the origins of the Japanese people by analyzing DNA data.

It's believed that humans started to arrive in the Japanese archipelago about 40,000 years ago. But it is unknown who they were and how they became modern Japanese people.

Tomari Nuclear Plant Using Emergency Generators

Tomari nuclear plant using emergency generators

Japan's nuclear regulatory body says the Tomari nuclear power plant in Hokkaido is using emergency generators to cool fuel after the region was hit by a powerful earthquake.

The plant's operator Hokkaido Electric Power Company says all 3 channels from outside power sources were cut off about 20 minutes after the quake struck early Thursday.

Clinical Test For Worm-using Cancer Screening

Clinical test for worm-using cancer screening

Japanese electronics maker Hitachi and its business partner plan to start full-scale clinical tests to confirm the viability of a cancer screening method that uses worms.

The firms aim to put the method into practical use in 2020.

Ariana Grande Performs With A Band Using Nintendo Labo Instruments

Ariana Grande Performs With A Band Using Nintendo Labo Instruments

When Nintendo unveiled the Labo, they positioned it in such a way that it seemed like you could create anything with it. In fact we're already starting to see how people are taking advantage of it to come up with some pretty clever and creative inventions, such as a controller for an electric wheelchair.

Now in a recent video uploaded by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it shows musician Ariana Grande performing with Jimmy and The Roots who are using nothing just Nintendo Switch consoles and Labo kits as musical instruments. It is a very impressive performance and we wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo sponsored the entire thing, but regardless it does a good job at showing what the Labo can do.

Android P Lets You Know What Background Apps Are Using The Camera Or Microphone

Android P Lets You Know What Background Apps Are Using The Camera Or Microphone

When you install a new app whether it be on iOS or Android, sometimes it asks for permission, such as access to your camera, photos, microphone, notifications, and so on. For the layman, these permissions might seem a bit scary and confusing, and sometimes it can result in them saying "yes" just so they can use the app.

However what happens is that there are some apps that might take advantage of this to access certain features on your phone that it might not necessarily need to. The good news is that in the upcoming Android P update, Google will display notifications on background apps that are having access to the camera or microphone on your phone.

Samsung Is Also Using Sony's Camera Sensor For Galaxy S9

Samsung Is Also Using Sony's Camera Sensor For Galaxy S9

While Samsung develops its own camera sensors, it does source them from other sensor suppliers such as Sony too, particularly for flagship devices. The company created a new camera sensor for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ which brings features such as slow-motion video recording at 960fps and a variable aperture. It turns out that Samsung is not completely relying on camera sensors from its semiconductor division, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ shipping in some markets feature a sensor made by Sony.

This has been revealed in a camera teardown of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ conducted by TechInsights. The teardown has revealed that Samsung is internally sourcing the S5K2L3 sensor for the Galaxy S9 and the IMX345 sensor from Sony. The latter is similar to Sony’s IMX400 sensor that it introduced with the Xperia XZs, the first handset to offer slow-motion video recording at 960fps.

Subaru Phev Coming Later This Year Using Toyota Prius Prime Tech

Subaru PHEV coming later this year using Toyota Prius Prime tech

Subaru plans to release an all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid later this year, and has joined forces with a league of Japanese automakers and suppliers to make it happen. Subaru has said the PHEV will be a conversion of a current model, but hasn't named the model. The prominent hybrid bits are expected to come from the Toyota Prius Prime — Toyota has a 16.5 percent stake in Subaru — but Subaru will retain its longitudinally mounted boxer engine.

We know that said Subie will be built in Japan and sent to the U.S, so theories have coalesced around the Crosstrek or Forester, built at Subaru's Gunma, Japan factory. The Crosstrek was just redesigned for 2018, the 2019 Forester is expected sometime this year. If the model ends up being a Crosstrek PHEV, that would mean hybrid lightning striking that car twice: Subaru introduced a Crosstrek Hybrid in 2013, then removed it from the market in 2017 after slow sales.

Mitsubishi Highest Performing Object-recognition Camera Technology Using Ai For Mirrorless Cars

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Industry's Highest Performing Object-recognition Camera Technology Using AI for Mirrorless Cars - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric has developed what is believed to be the industry’s highest performing automotive camera technology that detects various object types at distances of up to about 100 meters, which will enable drivers to receive advanced warning for enhanced driving safety in coming mirrorless cars. The solution, which is based on Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary Maisart-brand artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is expected to help prevent accidents, especially when drivers change lanes. Mirrorless cars that replace rearview and side mirrors with camera-monitoring systems were approved for use in Europe and Japan in 2016, and the first commercial mirrorless cars are expected to be launched in Japan as early as next year.