'binary Power Plant' Begins Operation Using Hot Spring

'Binary Power Plant' Begins Operation Using Hot Spring

Koyo Electric Co Ltd (Kobe City) announced that a "binary power plant" using surplus heat energy has been completed.

"Binary power generation" is a geothermal power generation technology. In conventional geothermal power generation, turbines are directly turned by using vapor from the underground. On the other hand, in binary power generation, a liquid whose boiling point is lower than that of water is heated and evaporated by using vapor, hot water, etc, and the vaporized liquid is used to turn turbines.

Docomo Achieves 12-channel Mmt Transmission Of 8k Video Using 5g Mobile Technology

DOCOMO Achieves 12-Channel MMT Transmission of 8K Video using 5G Mobile Technology - Fareastgizmos
NTT Docomo announced today that it succeeded in 12-channel MMT (MPEG Media Transport) transmissions of 8K video (the next generation of ultra-high definition video) using fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology during a test conducted at its Yokosuka R&D center in collaboration with Sharp. Docomo provided the 5G wireless system and video content while Sharp provided the ultra-high definition video transmission/display environment using 8K decoders and 8K displays. Japan Broadcasters Association supported 8K video encoding and MMT encoding.

Mitsubishi Electric Field Testing Worlds First Autonomous Driving System Using Clas

Mitsubishi Electric Field Testing World's First Autonomous Driving System Using CLAS from Quasi-Zenith Satellite System - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric announced today that it began field testing the world’s first autonomous driving technology on highways to use a centimeter-level augmentation service (CLAS) broadcast from the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) on September 19. CLAS is a positioning-augmentation service for high-precision positioning, distributed free of charge in Japan from the QZSS, which operates under the auspices of the Cabinet Office. CLAS is scheduled to begin operating in April 2018 and is currently in the final stages of verification. It is expected to be used for practical applications such as safe-driving assistance and automated driving.

CLAS improves precision by using positioning-augmentation data from a network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS) administrated by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan. The data is broadcast via the QZSS to high-precision positioning receivers installed in automobiles that can detect locations with centimeter-level accuracy. Driving tests will be conducted to verify the possibility of infrastructural driving, utilizing CLAS signals and high-precision 3D maps combined with Mitsubishi Electric’s intelligent driving technology, including sensing technologies such as millimeter-wave radar and cameras.

The Nikon D850 Can Scan Film Using The New Es-2 Digitizing Adapter

The Nikon D850 can scan film using the new ES-2 digitizing adapter

There's a neat trick baked into the new Nikon D850 that you may not have noticed yet. Hidden away among the many features broken down in the D850 announcement is this line:

Negative/Positive Scanning: With the optional ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter and compatible Micro-NIKKOR lens, the camera enables super high-resolution digitizing of 35mm slides or negatives and converts them in-camera to positives

Nissan Is Using Final Fantasy Characters To Sell Cars

Nissan Is Using Final Fantasy Characters To Sell Cars

Nissan is one of the most popular car brands in Japan, why wouldn’t it be, it’s based in the country after all. Final Fantasy is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the country so the two appear to be a natural fit. No wonder Nissan has decided to start using Final Fantasy characters in its advertisements to sell cars. The game’s character Lightning has been featured in a new Nissan ad.

This isn’t the first time that Lightning has been found hawking a product. She has previously been used in advertising campaigns for Prada and Louis Vuitton. Since she has covered high fashion already, it’s about time that she expanded her body of work to include cars as well.

Robots To Be Our 'representatives On Earth' Using Touch Technology

Robots to be our 'representatives on Earth' using touch technology

Robots could soon negate the need for humans to leave the home to sightsee or shop, thanks to new technology that allows them to experience things on their behalf, even including the sense of touch.

Tokyo-based start-up Telexistence Inc. unveiled the technology in the capital on June 12. The system enables robots to remotely provide services for humans, such as seeing exhibitions in museums or shopping for clothes in department stores.

Toyota Tests Hybrid Power Generation System Using Fuel Cell, Gas Turbine

Toyota Tests Hybrid Power Generation System Using Fuel Cell, Gas Turbine

Toyota Motor Corp announced April 26, 2017, that it has started the verification test of a pressure-type hybrid power generation system combining an SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) and a micro gas turbine.

The system is used as a power generation facility for Toyota's Motomachi Plant (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture), and the company will verify and evaluate its energy efficiency, operability and durability.

Ntt Docomo Develops Flying Spherical Display Using Drone

NTT Docomo Develops Flying Spherical Display Using Drone

NTT Docomo Inc announced April 17, 2017, that it has developed "Floating Sphere Drone Display," a drone that is equipped with a surrounding spherical display and flies while displaying video on the display.

It can be used for dynamic performances at concert halls and live shows and as an advertising medium (like an advertising balloon) that flies around and displays advertisements.

Cut Using Man Captured In The Wake Of Harming 3

Knife-employing man captured in the wake of harming 3

Police in Oita Prefecture, western Japan, say a blade using man harmed a kid and two ladies after he burst into a children's childcare focus. The man was later arrested.

The aggressor entered the Yokkaichi Kodomo-en in Usa City on Friday evening. Police say he was wearing a full-confront protective cap. He was employing what gave off an impression of being a chasing blade, and in addition a bamboo Kendo sword.

Denso Using Starch-determined Bio-plastics In Its Products

DENSO Using Starch-inferred bio-Plastics in Its ProductsDENSO today declared that it is utilizing bio-polycarbonate (PC) produced using starch and urethane gum extricated from castor oil in some of its items. Starch-determined bio-PCs have higher surface hardness, better optical attributes, and predominant hydrolytic steadiness than ordinary petroleum-inferred PCs. Besides, they refract less light, display better shading shaping properties, and hence don't should be painted before being utilized. DENSO's starch-determined bio-PC, which gives high hardness, yet can be molded into complex plans, is being utilized to make plastic bezels for Toyota's real auto route frameworks. DENSO has been leading innovative work on plant-determined plastic materials, which depend on plant sub-atomic structures, with a specific end goal to lessen impacts on the environment.

Castor oil, a vegetable oil extricated from castor beans, is utilized as a material in paints, waxes, and different items. DENSO has built up a very warmth safe urethane sap in view of the atomic structure of castor oil and utilized it as a defender for connectors in car fumes gas sensors. In 2009, DENSO and DuPont mutually created and marketed a radiator tank produced using a material extricated from castor oil and have been expanding the quantity of vehicle models that utilization the item. In 2016, DENSO set up DENSO ECO VISION 2025, an activity plan to help assemble an economical group and society toward 2050.

New Suzuki Wagon R Can Creep By Using Only Motor

New Suzuki Wagon R Can Creep by Using Only MotorFor the mild hybrid system of the new "Wagon R," Suzuki Motor Corp increased the maximum output of ISG (integrated starter generator) from 1.6kW/1,000rpm to 2.3kW/1,000rpm and the capacity of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery from 3 to 10Ah.
Suzuki released the new Wagon R Feb 1, 2017. The ISG, battery pack and battery cell are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Denso Corp and Toshiba Corp, respectively.

Weight Of Cylinder Head Reduced By Using Resin

Weight of Cylinder Head Reduced by Using ResinSumitomo Bakelite Co Ltd prototyped the upper part of a cylinder head by using carbon fiber composite phenol resin and exhibited it at Automotive World 2017, which took place from Jan 18 to 20, 2017, at Tokyo Big Sight.
Its mass is about 30% lighter, compared with a case where aluminum (Al) is used.